How to Control Bed Bugs Using Mattress encasements

One of the best and easiest ways you can use to control bed bugs in your home is using mattress encasements as well as the safe use of pesticides and sprays. Since mattress encasements do not require to be applied with pesticide, they are the best method for people who are allergic to even the smallest amount of pesticide as their pets.

Well established pest control experts always have a different number of ways they can use to exterminate such pests and they do not use the commercially available off the shelf pesticides that since they are quite toxic. This is why good hotels and motels use mattress encasements to avoid getting a bad reputation that bed bugs may bring.

Take Action on the First Sign of Bed Bugs

If you notice any signs of bed bugs, a good pest control company should be called immediately. You’ll see spots of blood on your sheets and red welts on your body as bed bugs enjoy feeding while you’re sleeping! Like any animal and especially insects, they will breed if not eradicated immediately. If you are about to buy a new mattress, you should check out that mattress encasement before you use it and you’ll save a whole lot of trouble.

If this is ignored and the bed bugs infest your home, it may take up to seven months or even more to get rid of them. A number of companies have a number of packages hence there is always a solution for your problems. The pest control specialist you call to check your home should check the entire house for these bugs. Since they are tiny, bed bugs can hide well. Mature bed bugs can grow up to 8mm in size but when small they are hard to see.

Hidden Bed Bug Infestations

Since they can remain thin even when they are adults, it is easy for them to slip in and out of cracks or even your mattress. Bed bugs are not known to cause any disease but their biting is very disgusting and their presence also makes people uncomfortable. It has been seen that mattress infestations normally hide most of the bed bugs and therefore using a mattress encasement is a great way of eliminating most of these pests.

Choosing Mattress Encasements

When you opt for mattress encasement there is a zipper on the cover and it gets hooked into place so there’s no chance of a bug getting through. Both bite tests and escape and penetration tests are performed on high quality mattress encasements, so you can feel safe. With the best encasements, Certified specialist test the fabric to see if bugs can feed on humans even through the fabric. They could not.

The best mattress encasement products are the ones that are made of tough stretch-knit fabric with others even being resistant to fire. It should have a bed bug warranty, be resistant to growth of mold, bacteria and prevent entry of bed bugs as well as other pests. Once you prevent them from breeding it means they will not stay. A good mattress encasement should also be able to stretch in order to fit in mattresses of different sizes.

Following a bed bugs pest treatment you should use bed bugs mattress encasement for lasting protection.

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12 Responses to How to Control Bed Bugs Using Mattress encasements

  1. Sarah says:

    Wonderful, thank you! I currently have a friend who has an bed bug infestation, and I will be linking this article to her, as we think it’s just in the beginning stages. She’s been using pesticides to try and control it, as she doesn’t wish to get pest control, so this may be a viable option for her!

  2. Carmen says:

    The first signs was very helpful I didn’t know they left traces of blood. I was always crazy examining my kids beds worried that I wouldn’t know if they had any.

  3. skeptic at home says:

    While the mattress encasement has a zipper, I wonder if these are really as surefire as they’re described. If the bedbugs are small, I’d imagine they would be able to squeeze through somehow, maybe.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Well no solution can really claim 100% protection. There is always a chance of anything, but this is one of the best options.

  4. Jason Cuenca says:

    I’ve tried several types of pesticides to control bed bugs at home but my skin did not love this treatment. Mattress encasement saved me from the allergy I usually get from bed bugs pesticides.

  5. Mzap says:

    UUGHH! This is definitely disgusting. Who´d of thought there are bugs feeding on us all night. I´m going to have to investigate the signs of these critters on all the beds and shop for the mattress encasements. Great article, thanks for the heads up!

  6. Mat says:

    Loved the article – like many, I’ve been concerned about bed bugs but given that my daughter is very sensitive to sprays, I haven’t been sure how to handle any potential infestations. Knowing about the options around encasements (especially how to spot a high quality one!) really helps.

  7. WenWen says:

    A natural barrier method does it! Humans should think more environment-friendly solutions like this.

  8. Ann says:

    Thank you for including signs of a bed bug infestation! I’ve always been afraid of having an infestation but now I know what to look for.

  9. Siamerican Steve says:

    Great stuff. What kind of tough natural fabric do you recommend to avoid friction rashes. I’d consider a mattress encasement on my bed if it were a non-petroleum based material as my guess is that a lot of these encasement would be plasticized for waterproof purposes, and my concern is that certain materials e.g. pvc, nylon, ect, could easily burn the skin when the sheets come off from so much motion in the bed if you know what I mean.

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