5 Techniques For Keeping Your Live Pine Fresher Longer This Christmas

Owning a live Christmas tree has long been a tradition in masses of families for many years. The fresh smell that floods the room during the holiday season is envigorating. Every single year many families venture out to tree lots, enduring the winter weather and snow to find the ever hard-to-find perfect pine.

One struggle that masses of individuals have when keeping a fresh-cut Yuletide tree is keeping the needles on the branches. So many times, due to neglect, trees can shed their freshness even before the holiday season comes to an end. Here are a number of terrific strategies that you will need to be aware of to keep your holiday tree healthy into the New Year.

Cut down your own pine. The fresher your pine is the better it will hold it’s sharp needles. Give some thought to traveling to a tree farm this season and chopping your own Xmas tree. You may well just come across a wonderful new holiday tradition which the entire family can appreciate.

Saw one quarter of an inch off the base ahead of setting the tree up. Just like flowers, timber will remain fresher if you saw off ” off the base before you put the tree up in your home. Your tree will thank you by staying fresher longer.

Set up your tree away from heat sources. Try to set up your pine away from heat sources like heating grates or house windows where your tree will have direct sun light. Sunshine and warm temperatures will dry out your tree giving you with a carpet full of needles to clean up.

Get a tree stand made for a fresh tree. Often folks may try to skimp on a tree base and use one that was created for an artificial Christmas tree. Not only will this not support your tree very straight, but this sort of a tree base won’t permit you to keep your tree well watered.

Always keep your tree properly watered. The top cause for trees dropping their quality is because they were not kept watered. Make certain you buy a Christmas tree stand that has a fillable foundation. Look at your tree each day to make certain it has all the water it desires. Live trees can soak up to a quart or more of water on a daily basis.

Keeping your live tree healthy throughout the holiday season can take some work. However with the work comes incredible reward for the whole family. Understanding these techniques to keeping your topiary fresh will help you to enjoy your Christmas tree long into the New Year!

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