5 Things Your Draperies Say About You

Remember that tapestry you hung over your dorm window in college, the one with all the paisleys that smelled like sandalwood? At the time, you thought your choice of window treatment gave the whole room a certain bohemian vibe, a kind of joie de vivre that professed, loudly, what kind of person you were in the world. Turns out you were half right, and although that ten-dollar, vegetable-dyed square of fabric may not have suggested the well-travelled, enlightened persona you were going for it did speak one very clear truth: draperies say a lot about the person who hangs them up.

1) You Care About Aesthetics

The first thing draperies tell you about a person is that they care enough about the presentation of their home to consider all the style elements of a room. It’s a pretty common saying, but drapes really do tie a room together, and the wrong window treatments can just as easily destroy the interior design theme you’ve spent so long cultivating. Think about a well-tailored suit jacket matched with the most hideous bridesmaid dress you’ve ever seen and you’ll get a good idea of how important draperies can be to a room’s overall visual appeal.

2) You Have a Refined Sense of Styledrapery 2

Are you a sophisticated modernist in love with clean lines or a traditionalist who loves a more Baroque feel? More than any other element in the room, your draperies are going to emphasize your design tastes and contribute (or detract) from the tone you want to set.

3) Your Personality

Your draperies can also say a lot about your personality, even beyond your stylistic preferences. A cornice, for instance, frames your draperies in a formal, no-nonsense way that projects an all-business attitude, while a natural weave with open grommets would lend a more relaxed, earthy vibe—think of it as a grown-up version of that dorm-room mishap.

4) You Keep Up with Trends

Believe it or not, draperies follow very definite trends, and having an outdated window treatment is like sporting a very bad hairstyle from the 1980s. The difference between classy, sophisticated draperies and grandma’s rose-colored dust-traps has everything to do with pleating, hardware, and fabric choice—all of which changes with as much frequency as any other design component in your living space.

5) You Care About Your Environmentdrapery 3

Draperies are the litmus test of home cleanliness and environmental awareness. Not only does the overall condition of the drapes themselves show your attitude towards dusting and regular cleanings, but the material they’re made from can speak volumes about your environmental consciousness. Want an ecologically-friendly fabric that will also look fantastic in your living room? Seek out organic cotton or linen made from flax.

Regardless of the cut, fabric, or color of your draperies, you should know that they actually contribute a lot more to a room than just a convenient way to cover your windows. Drapery length, hardware, and style are all factors that contribute to the atmosphere of your living space, and that speaks volumes about what you find important and beautiful in the world.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for Designer Drapery Hardware, a leading vendor of all types of drapery hardware such as rods, finials, and brackets.

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37 Responses to 5 Things Your Draperies Say About You

  1. RosyG says:

    First thing I did when I read this article: I looked up. And there they were, my boring old curtains. And what’s funny is that they fit me completely. I think I wouldn’t change them for anything, they were never just to cover my windows. Weird how you feel so strongly about a piece of fabric…

    • ContractorGuy says:

      So you’re saying you’re boring and old? Lol, oh well if you’re happy with them that’s all that really matters:) …unless perhaps there’s some other people living with you that can’t stand them. Then perhaps you may need to raise the curtain and come to a compromise;)

  2. Siji C V says:

    This was really a good article which connects our personality with Draperies selection. We design each and every corner of our home. Draperies plays a great role in deciding our style and elegance. it contributes a lot to the interior design and enhances your living atmosphere. Thanks for sharing such informative article and make your living beautiful!!

  3. Alexander Lau says:

    Organic or not, we will have environmental impact if we treat them like a fashion trend. That means buying and replacing them with new ones every once in awhile will defeat the purpose. I’d prefer to have one that can be kept for years on end. Hence talking about style and aesthetics, I’ll try to get a design that won’t fall out of fashion anytime soon.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Yes, choosing a classic design is a good option for people who don’t like to change drapery styles like the seasons.

  4. Chris Lee says:

    Thanks for a very informative article on draperies. You have highlighted some interesting insights on draperies and how it reflect on our personalities. A complete and useful guide for those who often concentrate on other aspects of home decor with little thought to drapes and curtains. It’s much like wearing designer clothes without a matching set of shoes and handbag!

  5. Alejandra San says:

    Wow, I never considered choosing draperies could be beneficial for the environment, this article really opened my eyes. I fully agree on the visual appeal of drapes, they can make or break a room just like the right or wrong wallpaper can.

  6. LinkBlogs says:

    Thanks, to the author “Jessica Kane”, I never know that draperies may reflects the nature of its owner.. Its awesome news for me…

  7. Jasmin says:

    I feel like draperies are definitely one more way to reflect our intended design for a space – and we can of course choose differently for each room if we wish! This article helps confirm our freedoms of expression in our home decor choosing. I change drapes with the seasons – keeps things fresh!

  8. Brittany Wilkin says:

    Wow what an eye opening article. I am now questioning myself, and my choice of drapes. I’ve never been one to choose drapes based on appearance, or how appealing they seem to others. Until now I have never even heard about an environmental friendly option. I have only been choosing based on which can block out the hot Arizona Sun the best, and for the lowest price. There is a big change coming for my windows. I will no longer be judged off my dark, old, dusty drapes.

  9. Weng Dale says:

    Draperies could be the center of room that will dramatically determined the mode of a room. Consequently, I do agree that draperies both contribute to the personality of a room as well as it is useful to cover the window. My mother used to sew draperies according to what mode she want to set. I suggest to personalize the draperies according to what mode you want to fill in a room.

  10. Safwan Awang says:

    Draperies is a new word for me. Even so, when reading about draperies I do agree that draperies illustrate about a person personality. For instance, when we entered someone house we can figure out what this person likes or love. Like the colors or design whether in a modern or old design.

  11. Eledys says:

    I am a person who loves having a dark room in the mornings, and use some type of curtains that help keep the room cool preventing the heat from the sun pass through them. I think in some places it is better for everyone, but I think if it is true, make a difference in the appearance of the houses and say a lot about their owners.

  12. Ethan says:

    I totally agree with that! draperies can also say a lot about your personality! I’m think that some details can show many things about the people. Sometimes men do not pay attention to details like these, but really make the difference!

  13. Nika Ramos says:

    I never really care about draperies. This is such an informative article. From this day on I should care about more than putting it on the sides for the whol day and closing it during the night.

  14. Harish Desai says:

    I completely agree with Maya when she says that apart from reflecting your personality, draperies also provide you privacy. The thicker the drapes, the better the privacy. I feel that if ever you wish to insulate yourself from the world then drapes are a good choice to do it.

  15. Freya Dy says:

    I grew up in a home where drapes or curtains have one purpose — to block off glaring sunlight from entering through the windows and to keep other people from taking a peek. But now that I am a grownup and a homemaker in my own right, I have learned that drapes are a lot more than just functional window covers. They are a statement! Heck, you can be a minimalist without so much going on for your rooms, but with the perfect drapes, your home becomes interesting. Your drapes alone can give your room that happy and cheerful vibe, or that relaxing and zen feel to it. It can also give an elegant and sophisticated touch if that’s the look you are going for.

  16. Quennie says:

    Scorching sun and dreary rain in the Philippines mean we have to dress up these windows and cool the house. Just because the windows have to be covered doesn’t mean they have to be draped in boring monochromatic curtains. Let out those creativity skills and dress those windows to match your personality.

  17. DIY Guy says:

    This is a good read! Draperies do reflect someone’s personality, especially if they’re consistent with an indoor theme. Draperies also frame the view from the window. Nothing beats a great view than having the right curtains to frame it. Windows are bare without them, and for me, draperies accent the view with different moods, like image filters. You can really tell much about a person by the kind of draperies used in the home. Changing draperies with the seasons will do wonders in interior decor.

  18. cla nmc says:

    I think draperies is a good idea. The interior of a home is a reflex of your personality that’s why i think this i a great idea, that can help many people.

  19. Guevara Martha says:

    I never really understood the importance or draperies, I’ve been thinking about redecorating for quite some time but I’ve never really knew what to do inside some rooms. The whole idea of this article is the importance small details can provide to the whole scenario, like draperies can turn your house from a cheap cave to an elegant room. The whole picture of a nice room with awful draperies makes the contrast look hideous. This article made me realize some important stuff like blending in with the whole style of the room is vital, and that trending goes to the windows as well, I remember one time when I visited my friend’s house where I saw this beautiful new furniture line so modern and pretty that made the room look so urban, but then you saw the window’s with this curtains that looked from the previews century all white and heavy made you rethink the whole concept of the room, that combination just didn’t work. If I am indecisive about changing my draperies at some point, I will remember all of this and your last point, if I get ones that help the environment which are eco-friendly that might just make me feel better when I see them in the house. Thanks Jessica, now I can’t wait to change my curtains that I’m looking at right now from my bed as I type… they don’t go with the room I got to updrage them ASAP.

  20. Rachel Cain says:

    When I came to the part in the article stating that your draperies can, and often do, reflect your personality, it got me thinking. Not only does the style of and the state in which your draperies are say something about your personality, but they also say something about you by just being there! I mean, someone who takes the time to find and hang draperies obviously cares about what their house looks like and wanting to make it as nice as possible!

  21. Maya Pillai says:

    I agree with the writer that the draperies tells about the kind of person you are. Draperies make a house a home and gives an appealing and aesthetic look to the room- be it in your office or home. Its not always necessary to go for an expensive drapery, choose one that is pleasant and adds a classy feel to the room.

  22. Isabel says:

    I love drapes or curtains. Everywhere I live, I hang draperies and change them as often as I can, depending on the budget. However, draperies are more than just changing the way a living space looks or defining my personality. They also provide insulation and privacy.

  23. Diw Methil says:

    Draperies impart elegance and aesthetics to your interiors. With matching draperies to particular situations your interiors come alive with that exquisite lived-in feeling.

  24. Anu veth says:

    Thank you for your brilliant article. I think what kind of curtain you place says out your type of style. Each one of us have their own unique manner and like for things in a house.

  25. asp says:

    it is making a statement without words about yourself. the way your household looks did tell a lot about the person you are.

  26. Sergej Bogatinoski says:

    I think that nowadays everything we have in our house is more or less than a decoration. But yes I agree with you draperies reflect your style and personality.

  27. Layla Summers says:

    Yes I agree with having good soft furnishings in your home makes all the difference and what is more important is that you don’t have to spend too much money to make your drapes look good.

  28. ContractorGuy says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  29. Agha says:

    What are draperies? Well, this article teaches us to go beyond the dictionary meaning of draperies. Draperies are personality reflectors as well as mind refreshers. Keep caring about them, or you may be tagged wrongly on aesthetics!

  30. Matthew Bryar says:

    Right after reading this I looked up at my drapes and wasn’t happy with what I saw. I realise that my friends’ houses all have such nice drapes and feel a bit more inviting. Until I really looked at mine I didn’t realise how much a difference they could make.

  31. Paty Dorantes says:

    I have to agree with your article.My grandmother taught me the importance of choosing pretty draperies, because she said that they can make look better the windows from any home.
    The amount of care that we put into our home, says a lot about us. Even those little details, like draperies,are something necessary to make our home cozier.

  32. PK Sardar says:

    Do agree with you 100%. Gone are the days when we used draperies only as a curtain, they are now style statements. One needs to be very careful to choose draperies that go with one’s room design & decoration as well as one’s personality.

  33. glad says:

    I really love your written piece, and it is so true drapes really speak a lot about your appartment and the kind of person you are. Funny enough, the first thing I look at when I enter into anyone’s home are the drapes. I do appreciate lovely drapes when I see one.

  34. Beena SC Nair says:

    Absolutely agree.The aesthetics of our home and our culture personality have a relationship.if we take proper care we can make our home appealing .The window structure,construction of our home has to be eco friendly and family friendly.But it all depends our budget.Thru proper planning and care we can overcome this difficulty.

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