A Better Solution Than Monobloc AC Units.

We all know the common or garden air conditioner, the monobloc. They appear everywhere in the world where someone needs some temporary or emergency cooling. It’s a box like machine, either metal or plastic, probably on castors with a great big pipe coming out of the rear or top.

When you buy portable cooling, chances are you are going to buy one of these monoblocs. However sometimes it’s worth stopping to think about the more technical option, which can be more efficient, quiet, reliable and suitable for the job.

First of all, the tumble dryer hose coming out of the back of the machine which you stick out of the window is getting hot and radiating that heat back into the room which you are trying to cool down.

Secondly, the monobloc air conditioner creates negative air pressure, causing the room you are trying to cool to suck in a little bit of warm air from surrounding areas.

To explain this, I need to tell you briefly how a monobloc works;

The first stage is for air to be drawn in through two ports on the machine.

Second step, is for the air from one side to have it’s heat removed and put into the exhaust stream.

Third up, the exhaust side of the machine has the heat from the cooling side pushed into it’s air stream and exhausted out of the hose and theoretically the window.

Therefore, when the machine has sucked in 100 cubic metres of air, then the room has also sucked in 50 cubic metres of air from the hole through which you’ve shoved the exhaust hose and the rooms surrounding the room you are cooling!

The solution to these problems is to use a water cooled split air conditioner, these use a length of hose to transfer the heat outside. All of the air drawn in is cooled and replaced in the room, the heat is transfered outside via a water filled hose.

This means 100% of the air pulled into the machine is replaced in the room so no radiated heat from the hose and there is no negative air pressure created.

As well as this you can use the unit deep inside a building, because the pumps push the water up to 30 metres with the correct hose. You only need electricity at the large part of the unit that goes in the area you are cooling and you never need to worry about emptying the condensate water as it goes down the umbilical too!

Or read more information on cooling technology at the which air conditioner blog.. Unique version for reprint here: A Better Solution Than Monobloc AC Units..

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