An Evergreen Hedge Might Be The Perfect Option For Your Boundary

If you need to create a boundary hedge for your property and are not sure of which plants to choose, you should consider using evergreens which offer excellent cover throughout the year.

It is worth paying a little bit more for evergreens.

You gain many benefits by using evergreen shrubs. They are extremely effective for reducing the impact of several types of pollution and can also be used to create privacy.

With so many different types on the market, you will have no difficulty finding the ideal plants for your project. Keep in mind that it is not essential to choose only one type of plant and you will get far more interesting results through combining several varieties for additional texture, tone and interest.

Yew and Laurel are probably the most popular choices for creating an evergreen border.

Yew is the classic choice for the majority of homeowners in the UK. This dark green plant provides added interest during the autumn when it produces red berries. Providing there is reasonable drainage it is an easy evergreen to grow. In correctly prepared soil, you will see growth of up to 30 centimetres per year.

Laurel is known for its beautiful big glossy leaves. It is very hardy and produces vigorous growth of between 30 to 60 centimetres each year. Laurel provides additional interest by producing red berries in the autumn, followed by pretty white flowers in the spring months. You can grow Laurel successfully practically anywhere you like. Like most evergreens, both the Yew and the Laurel will remain looking smart if you trim them annually.

Individuals looking for something a bit different may like to try a variety of Bamboo, or perhaps the stunning Escallonia. Bamboo is very popular in modern garden design and creates a slightly more unusual, exotic look. The low maintainance involved in looking after Bamboo has made it a very popular plant. There are a number of great looking varieties to choose from and they quickly provide a very striking, unique boundary. It is important to take great care when planting Bamboo, to make sure it does not take over, because it is known to be quite invasive. Bamboo is available in several different types and colours.

Escallonia is a great choice if you want a burst of vibrancy as it remains covered with gorgeous red flowers for half of the year. This evergreen is also a fairly fast grower with around 45 centimeters growth per year.

These are merely suggestions, shop around for the perfect hedging plants for your individual requirements.

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