Asking Your Town for a Perilous Tree Removal

Tree removal by your local officials is required if a particular tree could cause potential injury to passers-by. This can also be obtained for trees that are liable to being trapped in electric wires as well as the ones that could doubtless damage existing foundations. Weather conditions such as ice hurricanes and strong winds might also increase the risk. Here are ways to let your local officials know that a tree removal is required in your neighborhood for the overall safety of the general public.

Call in or Write a Letter

You may opt to call or pen a letter to local officials to make sure they know that a tree could potentially be threatening to people and resources. It may be even better to do both to support your claim of the need for tree removal. Correctly explain to them where the tree stands and why you suspect it's a threat. It would be a clever idea to chase up a letter with a call so the officers will then have a copy of whatever you claim during your telefone conversation.

Take Photos of the Tree

Add extra support to your request for tree removal by taking pictures of the tree from different angles. This is an excellent idea as it allows the officials to see for themselves quite how much of a threat it is. Make a copy of the photographs for the city as well as for your own records.

Follow Up Your Complaint

If a week has already passed and you have not seen any action that would suggest that the officials are initiating a tree removal project, follow up your complaint. You will do so with a telephone call, or pay their office a visit if that is convenient. Call them two times a day till action has been taken for tree removal.

The town has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. If a tree could potentially be perilous to them, the local officials should be able to get a tree removal done to dispose of such a hazard as fast as possible. Provides Cost-effective Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Stump Grinding and Tree Trimming Services in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. Emergency Services Available.
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