Basement Dehumidifier For Wet Basement

If your basement walls are infected with mold, it’s high time that you invest in a specialized basement dehumidifier. Since basements are partially or always underground, they are likely to be more humid than the rest of your house. Excess humidity will invite mold, insects and all kinds of animals into your basement.Discover 50-pint dehumidifier now.

Your entire basement will need to be remodeled if the mold infects your walls and tiles.

Amy's Basement Dehumidifier

Amy’s Basement Dehumidifier (Photo credit: Rex Roof)

The best alternative is to invest in a basement dehumidifier that can bring down the humidity levels in your basement. It will save you money and pay off in the long run. I strongly encourage you to invest in a basement dehumidifier.

Hose and Pump – When buying a basement dehumidifier, always look for the one that has the ability to pump out the water. It can be hard for you to replace the bucket of water manually every now and then all throughout the day. But if the unit comes in with a pump or connections for automatic drainage, you don’t have to worry about draining the water manually. All of it will be done for you in a quick and automatic manner.

Buying a basement dehumidifier will require a little planning. Know the cubic footage of the basement space that it will be going into. Also you will need to decide on getting a permanently installed unit versus a portable dehumidifier. An other shopping point is to consider are the size of the unit- will it fit in the space you are planning for it? Also be aware that some models are noisier than others, so ask for a demonstration before you buy.

A dehumidifier works on the same principle that refrigerators and air conditioners do. They pass the humid air over a bank of cold coils and in the process extract a good portion of the moisture via condensation. This condensation drips off the coils into collection pockets inside the dehumidifier. Meanwhile the dry air flow, heated somewhat by the extraction of humidity, is directed out of the unit back into the room.

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