Basement Remodeling Hints – Finishing your Basement flooring with General Contractors

When doing a basement remodel, you’re more than likely going to have to think about the carpet sooner or later. When it comes down to choosing your carpet though, don’t just go with the first pretty pattern or neat looking shag you find. Try to keep in mind the actual purpose of the space. Carpet isn’t just designed for looks. Make sure to get input from a general contractor to help you make informed choices.

Carpeting for a Playroom

Families with small children need lots of room for play and fun time. When planning a play area it is best to go with a carpet that can handle the rough and tumble and the Lego wars that children will put them through.

A second option for a playroom is carpet tiles. Tiles offer easy installation and maintenance, and should the carpet need replacing you can just go after the problem tiles instead of tearing up the entire run of carpet in your basement or play area. While quality tiles are expensive, you’ll save on maintenance and replacement down the road. Buying some extra tiles ahead of time will ensure that you have them on hand if there’s an accident or damage later on – allowing for quick replacement.

Installing Carpet Tiles

An interesting option on the market is the carpet tile. Carpet tile can be done as a DIY project after the contractors have finished with the rest of the basement remodel. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your floor is level, clean swept and free of debris. Go over the layout and locate the center of the space by drawing chalk lines from the centers of each opposing wall and connecting them.

After you have the chalk lines, you can start laying carpet tape over those lines as well as the room perimeter. Once your lines are in place you can begin laying carpet tiles, starting from the center of one wall and working your way to another. Depending on the size of the room or basement area and the layout, you may need to cut some tiles to fit snugly.

Carpeting a Game Room or Family Room

Game rooms and gaming areas tend to see even more traffic than a child’s toy room. When you select your carpet you will most likely want to get a durable indoor outdoor carpet that can handle the traffic from shoes and constant bustle. If you find you would rather have something softer and more inviting you may want to make the investment in a high durability Stainmaster carpet. The added comfort can give even more to the atmosphere of the game room and family area you are adding with your basement remodel.

There are countless types of carpet on the market which can make choosing the right style seem to be a major chore. If you are floundering a bit with picking the right style and color you may want to get some help. You can poll your own circle of friends and family for anyone with experience in carpet installation. The better option would be to contact a general contractor and run your designs and plans by them to get a professionals input.

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