Benefits of Home Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Home solar systems are no longer rocket science. Putting solar panels on the roof of a house is as easy as hiring a contractor. Those cells either heat water or convert light to electricity (photovoltaic). If it generates electricity the juice is either used, stored in batteries, or fed back into the power grid for storage. Unfortunately, instead of embracing the big pictures, most people feel they need to understand the details of the picture before they can make the move to solar.

At first glance, that makes sense. After all, this in new technology. Well, actually, the first photovoltaic cell was created in the late 1800s. So, it isn’t new. Although, it would be fair to say that it has only become efficient enough in the last thirty years to be a viable option.

The break down in that line of thinking is that most people on the street are no more likely capable of building an electric generator than they are a solar panel. The technology angle is just an excuse. The work of a solar installer is no more mysterious than the work of an electrician of a computer repair technician. The lack of understanding of the specifics of a computer doesn’t seem to be an inhibition against owning one.

What remains is the real mystery. People wonder about the cost of solar. What is required in the upkeep of the system? What does the consumer have to do? What costs will there be that are not there with traditional electric power? Also, there is the simple question of the benefit provided by solar.

There are a number of green incentives and tax rebates for those who install home solar. However, these come after the fact. To install solar, the homeowner will initially have to pay out between fifteen and thirty five thousand dollars. Of course, like any large home improvement, their are financing options, either with a bank or sometimes with the solar installation company.

This does add to the number of things in the house that can break. Roof maintenance is certainly more difficult with all that solar equipment in the way. In cold climates, solar panels heating water can freeze, which necessitates the use of anti-freeze. Also, having a single solar panel go out can drop the production of the entire system by more than a quarter, so that needs to be monitored. If the system has a battery backup, those batteries need periodic checking for fluid level. Fortunately, most solar systems come with a twenty five year warranty.

The benefit of the system is free power, for photovoltaic, or free hot water. The value of that is directly related to the cost of electricity from the local utility grid. Since most utility company pricing is vulnerable to oil price considerations, it is unlikely, with diminishing fossil fuel reserves, that those prices will go any direction but up. Taking the projected power output of the system and multiplying that by the current cost from the grid and projecting a reasonable rate increase percentage, gives a good idea how quickly the system pays for itself. After that, it’s pure cost savings.

Ultimately, downside of home solar is the upfront cash outlay. After that, it can add a few simple routine maintenance tasks to the homeowner. If something should break in the first twenty five years, it is a simple warranty call. After that, hopefully, there will be some new technology or incredibly more efficient technology that will make just as much sense to upgrade to as solar does today.

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16 Responses to Benefits of Home Solar Panels

  1. Mano says:

    People who are using home solar panel can get affordable power supply with free of cost. Enhances your home value and very easy to handle it.

  2. Cryptic Warrior says:

    It can be beneficial to most countries that are poor especially in warmer ones. Here in our country there has been a quite big generation of solar energy companies because it saves up on most homes’ electricity bills.

  3. Jona says:

    Some try and sell you on the fact that you make back the money in X amount of time. There is some truth to that, but for me the main reason to go solar was the environment.

  4. ShaneMar says:

    The fact the photovoltaic cells have been created in late 1800s and have only been efficient for the last 30 yrs, could be an implication that people aren’t just so interested about the idea. Maybe for a big business, this could be a good alternative as the initial cash outflow would later turn into profits, it has to do with the economy of scale. But for individual household, 15-35 thousand dollars for installation not including costs for maintenance is unreasonable only for free power, free lighting and hot water. It saves the hassle and money when electric companies install, maintain the electricity for your house at a very much lower cost.

  5. chetodwin says:

    As much as the initial installation cost of solar power system is high, you can reap great benefits from it in the long run. As indicated in the post, the system quickly pays for itself. I’d rather spend more on such a system than struggle with monthly electricity bills. Solar power is quite a viable solution!

  6. Devashish Singbal says:

    Neoliberalism makes us want to fight the environmental issues as individuals. But, considering all phases of a solar panel installation, people are bound to be more concerned about the economical implications of it on them rather than the benefits.

  7. Pirvu Florin says:

    I’ve seen a rise in solar panel installations over the years here, in Romania too. People are starting to come to terms with the fact that you can’t just usefossil fuels like you used to, and they’re now starting to explore the benefits of solar and wind power. The cost is the biggest drawback, but nobody said the change was going to happen overnight. In a few years, maybe we’ll be able to shut down the old coal fired heat plants.

  8. Obalade Damilola says:

    In a country like mine where we suffer epileptic power supply,solar energy is the next big thing.Solar energy has the potential to meet many challenges facing the world today.Solar is a safe alternative which can replace current fossil fuels like gas and coal for electricity generation.
    Most people can’t afford to have solar panesl installed because the cost of having them installed is high..and the solar panels are pricey.Im looking forward to a time when solar panels will be affordable or probably a new technology will emerge which will be much better and much cheaper than solar energy.

  9. laysonnikki16 says:

    Solar panels have been known for years, but we all find it expensive and high maintenance. If it’s more affordable, definitely we all would invest on this!

  10. Rizzee Cerdeñola says:

    With the rapid increase of electricity demand, we need to find another source of meeting our needs and solar energy source is a good option. Why? It is renewable. It lessens the carbon emission that helps to minimize the effects of global warming. This is the perfect time to help mother nature, we can all feel the effect of rising temperatures and we can do something about it. Unfortunately, the solar panels cost an arm and a leg and not everyone can afford it. Nevertheless, we should choose where green is go and sustainability.

  11. thewanderrunner says:

    As the years pass by I noticed that more and more homeowners and business are into renewable energy and one of which is solar panel.It’s sustainable plus it can reduce a lot with our carbon foot print.However the downside is that its pretty expensive but if there’s a green incentive and tax rebate I would definitely go for it!

  12. Graile Palgue says:

    The benefits that can be derived from solar panels and other forms of renewable energy calls for an increased government support. For one, many people shun from using these energy resources because of the prohibitive cost of the materials needed and the installation costs.

  13. joy says:

    Cost remains a major obstacle when it comes to new technologies, regardless of how sound the technology can be. While tax rebates sure can help, there’s still the issue of the initial cashout that some folks may really not have.

  14. Vivian Torres says:

    Nowadays it would be really nice if most household can afford to purchase Solar Panels especially to a poor country like where i live because it such a save for bills. But In one hand it is really worth it? I mean thinking for a cost repair,and cost of installing it.

  15. vinamrata yadav says:

    Tax rebates makes putting solar panels a lucrative option. I have been debating about the initial investment. However, I feel that it will cover the costs in the long run and kind of pay for itself.

  16. kristofferzar says:

    The best part it increases your home value. Its also tax deductible.

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