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Awnings come in many different varieties but they basically all have the same function. They are designed to protect your home and the people in it from strong weather conditions. In warmer countries an awning can help to provide shade from the heat and the glare of bright sunlight and in cooler countries awnings can help to conserve warmth by shielding areas from the wind. Most awnings are made of weatherproof fabric although some are made from metals such as aluminum.

You will find many different types of awning on the market from small to large, from manually operated to motorized, remotely controlled varieties. A typical example is the type of awning that extends from the wall of a home out into the garden generally over a patio – this creates a covered seating area. Another type of awning is the freestanding, portable type that can be moved to the desired location. A smaller kind of awning covers a window or door, these are often popular in hot countries as they help to regulate the temperature in the house and act as a shield from strong sunshine.

A portable or freestanding awning can be constructed anywhere you like and whenever you please. They usually consist of the fabric cover, a frame and poles. You will see the two-pole kind being used by caravan owners to give them a sheltered seated area. Freestanding awnings with four poles may be called canopies and can be put up in gardens to create a covered area for a gathering or simply for more comfortable outdoors leisure time.

A permanent or fixed awning is installed to last and often utilized in hot countries. They are commonly found over doors and windows but also in gardens over patio areas. There is a huge range of choice when it comes to color, style and shape so it’s easy to find one that will go with the outside decor of your business or home. This type of awning comes in metal if you prefer your awning to be made from a more substantial material.

Retractable awnings can be rolled away when they aren’t being used and many now come with sensors that enable them to detect when to roll out i.e. in strong sunlight and when to retract for example when the wind becomes strong – thus avoiding damage to the awning. Many can be operated by remote control and have features such as integrated lights and heaters. These come in a variety of colors and styles and can offer extra protection to the exterior of your home.

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