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5 Things Your Draperies Say About You

Remember that tapestry you hung over your dorm window in college, the one with all the paisleys that smelled like sandalwood? At the time, you thought your choice of window treatment gave the whole room a certain bohemian vibe, a … Continue reading

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Bedroom Renovations Home Improvement Tips

All rooms in the home need to be taken care of and decorated properly. The bed area is the place you go to unwind after a long day. When it comes to bedroom renovations Barrie homeowners know just how costly it can be to get a contractor to do this for you. However, the truth is that with a little creativity, you can revamp your bed area in just a short while. Continue reading

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When Was The Last Time You Actually Washed Your Own Window Curtains?

With regards to cleaning up our own houses, we can easily become really particular about the order through which we clean up and in what way we do this. However there are certain parts that can sometimes be ignored any time having a tidy up or perhaps a spring clean up, and this is the window curtains. Continue reading

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Tired Of Your Home? Make Some Interior Design Changes!

Need some decorating inspiration, but uncertain as to where to begin? Look no further! You will find advice from professionals to be of great use, more so for people on a tight budget. Use this article to get more ideas on how to decorate. Continue reading

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Fast Advice On How To Bring Some Life To Your Bath

We spend a lot of time decorating our living rooms and bedrooms, but seldom do we care for our bathrooms. The utilitarian nature of the bathroom makes it unglamorous for most, even if a good amount of time is spent there daily. Bathrooms can be made to look great, however, if you invest a small amount of time and money to decorate them. Continue reading

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