Cheap Tablecloths When You Are On A Budget

There is no place like the kitchen and that’s exactly where people have a tendency to assemble Whether it’s a family meal or formal event we are continually drawn to the location where the meals are served. Discover ways to decorate your dinner table simply by discovering the various materials and patterns available. These don’t have to be expensive. Actually there are plenty of cheap tablecloths that look incredibly classy.

Obviously tablecloths appear in an entire variety of designs. There are many different fabric to select from. Many are fantastic for daily use while some appear quite classy at formal functions. They are available in a range of models with round, rectangular and square being the most common.

One of the sturdiest and cheapest tablecloths is the vinyl tablecloth. These are made from a cotton or polyester base and coated in a plastic which makes them entirely waterproof. They’re a favorite for outdoor use, parties and even picnics. If any food or drink is spilled it wipes away easily and quickly.

Tablecloth Fabrics & Materials

Tablecloths are made in a number of different fabrics. Vinyl tablecloths are cheap and have a plastic or PVC coating which makes them completely water-proof. Very handy when you have to clean up the inevitable knocked over glass. Tablecloths are also produced in 100% polyester, Crinkle Taffeta and one of my favorites, Satin. Price range is based on where you order, the quality of the material used and the size and thickness of the tablecloth.

Restaurants and other dining establishments that host social events have a preference for tablecloths made from a solid fabric. A thicker tablecloth tends to indicate a higher quality material. A hefty, good quality tablecloth is usually around 200 to 220 g/m (or GSM) are used. GSM means the thickness of the cloths and literally means grams per square meter. A sheet of office paper usually has 80 g/m so a very good tablecloth will be as much as three times the thickness of ordinary paper.

If you are looking for something that looks elegant on any table look no further than Crinkle Taffeta. It comes in a range of colors and sizes. As the name suggests it has a crinkled design that looks gorgeous wherever you put it.

Satin also is an elegant looking fabric and makes a great tablecloth. Satin actually refers to the type of weave that is used and is made by having fewer interlacings, this is what gives it that glossy appearance.

Do you need a cheap tablecloth for your home or social event. Look no further than this selection of tablecloths.

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