Choosing [Between Whirlpool Jets Bathtub Or Air Jets Tub – Hard Or Soft Massage?

You just arrived from your job and you are really tired and . After a grueling work you felt also unwashed and dirty so your first agenda of rest is the bathroom. Your second agenda is to go down to your king sized bed and beg your partner for a body massage and hopefully go to sleep. That is great. But sometimes your partner is not disposed to give you a massage, so instead of getting a relaxation you need you get more frusrated. Because of this you decided to get one the bathtubs advertised on tv having a relaxation massage package.

If you are out in the market searching for a soothing bath in a bathtub, you need to know that there are two kinds of bathtubs to choose from, the whirlpool hydro jetted tubs and the air jet bathtubs. Your decision may vary according to your taste and preference in the style of massage and in your goal of relaxation.

Whirlpool creates a flow of water in a circular wave through the hydro jets by using the water inside the tub sucking it and shooting it back to the bathing water. The pressure release by the whirlpool jets produces deep and hard massage that can relieve muscle tension, ease body pains and promotes blood circulation in a targeted area. Water jets in a bathtub is strategically placed to target, thighs, buttocks, back and neck among others. Typical whirlpool tubs has eighteen to fourteen water jets.

An air tub creates millions of tiny air bubbles by means of air being shoot at the water through the air jets. The pressure released by this type of jets is much gentler than the whirlpool. The million of tiny bubbles shoots by the jets in the air tub produced a soothing and relaxing sensation which may be likened to millions of little fingers massaging your entire body. Air jets are placed in the surrounding of the insides of the bathtubs which is larger in number than the water jets. Typical air tubs has twelve to twenty-one jets.

In deciding to choose between whirlpool or air jets spa, you need to consider the type of massage that is more to your taste. Do you want a soft or a hard body massage? Do you need to relieve body aches or do you just want to relieve stress and relax? If you want a vigorous vibrating massage that will help ease body pain, you should choose whirlpool type spas, but if you want a soothing and lighter massage just to have a relaxing feeling and relieves stress, you should choose a tub with air jets on it.

Having a hard time choosing? Don’t worry, because air jets and water jets can be installed in a bathtub in combination. Air jets and water jets are controlled separately in a dual massage spa. It is possible to use only a whirlpool or air massage. If you are feeling adventurous and brave you can also use both massage for a complete body massage while bathing.

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