Compare the Alternatives When Shopping for a Jacuzzi

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis have known attributes that may enhance you physically and mentally. There is a wide variety of spas, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. We’ll run through some of the points of interest, which will help in determining which spa or Jacuzzi is the right one for you.

Wooden hot tubs are a type of above-ground spa that many people like for their rustic and traditional look and feel. It’s also believed that the smell of the wood has some aromatherapy benefits. You need to install these above ground hot tubs on a solid surface such as a concrete pad. Wooden hot tubs do have some disadvantages. One of these is that wood requires greater care, and these units must be treated and dried on occasion. Water and wood don’t actually go very well naturally, after all, so you have to take good care of it. Some people really enjoy the ambiance provided by a wooden hot tub so the extra effort may be worth it to you.

Caldera Spas makes several types of hot tubs that many customers like for their relaxing and therapeutic qualities. Their Hot Tub Circuit Therapy is a patented process that focuses the jet streams in a way that provides the user with the most beneficial and therapeutic effects. It’s like getting a professional massage every time you get into one of these units. There are several different models, including the Niagara, which seats up to seven adults, and the even larger Cantabria, which can fit eight people.

Another high quality portable hot tub is the Lifesmart Rock Solid Luna Spa, which gives you all the benefits of a high priced spa for less. This tub features ECO SMART technology that allows it to use less energy than other models, saving you even more money. Included with the Lifesmart Luna are a spa cover, a top side digital command center, and a waterfall.

There are tons of hot tubs, spas and Jacuzzi tubs to select from, so to put it in a nutshell, you should do a lot of investigating before investing in one. Most of us need to think about our budgets, however you should still make sure the unit you are getting will be able to fulfill your needs. For example, you may be persuaded by a transportable spa with a low price tag, although it might not be as ideal for curative benefits as one that has a high tech heating system and mighty jets.

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