Consider Using a Thru Wall Fan For Great Ventilation

If you're agitated by over stuffiness or extraordinary coolness in some of your rooms, you'll be relieved to find quick fix by installing a through wall fan. Thru wall fans can be inserted into an 8 in. diameter hole on the wall of adjourning rooms. This way, you can force smooth air movement between rooms, rather than investing in another window air conditioner or another space heater. They're a great option for your next home remodeling project.

Thu wall fans will…

Facilitate air movement from an AC unit or a hearth to a room beside it.

Prompted ventilation onto rooms that may be smoky or stuffy.

Variable speed controller allows you to step up or step down the air movement.

Revolving grille lets you adjust air movement direction.

Basic Info

It's common to have 1 single room that always seems to be too cold or too hot in the household. A through wall room-to-room fan can easily correct that. This multi-speed and in-wall AC system enables smooth transfer of cooled or heated air between rooms efficiently and quietly. It is cheap and consumed a load less energy compared with window AC unit or space heaters.

Selecting The Best Through Wall Fan System

1. Always pick a through wall fan of compulsory size. Study the home ventilation Institute (HVI) ratings labels on the fans to study how they fare in terms of noise and energy efficiency (ideal selection would be a through wall fan that makes minimum noise and has maximum energy conservation). Check on the info per parts and lubricating cycles (if not long-standing). Try to go with a fan which has long life expectancy and be prepared to spend more for all of these qualities.

2. Only go for exhaust ductwork that's smooth (or low resistance). Ensure all joints are properly sealed and duct sections running thru unheated areas are decently insulated.

3. Remember to position the exhaust hood on somewhere less wet lest the moisture damages the exterior surface.

4. Ensure the fans are placed in safe distance from any heating appliance with chimney so as to avoid the nonessential backdraft.

5. Continue with the installation of the controls supplied.

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