Constructing Reasonably Priced Solar Panels for Your Home

Anyone can build solar panels. You can build solar panels for your home yourself too even if you don’t have experience building them. All you need is a dependable guide that contains step by step instructions in building solar panels. You will surely have huge savings in on your electric bills.

Building some solar panels for your home isn’t really that difficult. With a useful guide on hand, you will surely not have a hard time building them. In fact, it will not take too much of your time. With $100 or more, you can already have your very own solar panel. You can just decide to install upgrades so you can generate more power. Once you successfully build it, you will already get free energy from the sun.

The first step in building your own solar panels is to gather all the materials that you need. You will need wood glue, any solid board and solar cells. Solar cells can be purchased from your local hardware store or you can also order online. Although wiring one solar cell to another only takes a few minutes, it is best to buy pre-tabbed or wired ones since they only cost a few bucks.

Since solar cells are fragile it’s important that they are mounted on a solid board or piece of board. Usually, the most common example of a solid board being used is plywood. It’s commonly utilized as it’s just so easy to work on. You also have the option to use thicker pieces of wood for the frame that’s at least one quarter inch thick. Other from that, pegboards and Plexiglas can also be utilized.

Before making any cuts, it is best to measure the amount of surface that the solar cells need. Make sure to cut the wood a few inches larger than the space needed as this will serve as the frame and will be needed for last minute alterations. Cut the frame a couple of inches larger than what is intended and use the thicker piece of wood on the sides. The thick wood on the sides will serve as a frame that will keep the solar cells from getting wet.

Once you’re down making the frame and the board, make sure to use wood glue or sealant on any holes. Find any holes and use a sealant to cover them. Your solar cells will definitely last for years.

Wiring the cells together is an intricate process that requires some patience. If you were unable to find any pre-tabbed cells, you can solder each cell together by using either uncoated copper wiring or coated copper wiring. Uncoated copper wiring is raw copper while the other is your regular wires protected by a rubber.

Once the cells are already wired together, mount them unto the base or plywood. Use wood glue or some kind of non-conductive adhesive. All you need to do is to connect those wires to the charge controller. Then, it will begin charging the batteries. Use an inverter to convert the power coming from the batteries into usual or standard home appliance voltages.

With all these things in mind, you will have solar panels for your home. Just make sure you have a good and reliable guide in building solar panels for your home with you. In no time, you will surely see huge savings on your pocket.

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