Contractor Tips – Basement Design Ideas

There is one thing for sure that can be said about an unfinished basement. It is completely open to reinterpretation and remodeling into anything you want it to be. This is especially true if you have the skill and resources of a contractor at your disposal, who will be delivering a high quality professionally done finished basement. It is true you can do anything you want with it but it is good to keep in mind that the basement is a very quiet and private area that lends itself well to relaxation and entertainment rooms. You are going to want to make certain you are using the space wisely as you won’t have a second basement to do later. Here are a few of the more popular interpretations of a finished basement that are available to a homeowner.

The Basement Office – If you work from home or do any kind of projects or hobbies that require a personal office or workspace then the basement office is an ideal choice. There are few other places in the home where you can get a nice tucked-away quiet office – something that’s particularly important when you have a growing family.

The In-Law Apartment – For many of us, it would great to push out in-laws into a hotel when they visit but having the guest space within the home also makes it ideal for extended stays or permanent living where elderly parents need someone to care for them. Naturally separated from the rest of the home, a basement apartment can provide them with a continued sense of independence.

The Basement Bar – It might be going a little over board for some people to turn the entire basement into a saw dust and jukebox bar and brawl. You don’t have to use the entire basement space for your basement bar. The basement bar is a very nice addition that can add a lot of charm and flavor to any entertainment geared space. You can not only have parties with your own friends but you could restock the bar with a G rated selection of snacks and beverages and have parties for your children as well.

The Playroom – When you have a growing family a basement playroom with safe flooring material can be an excellent place to let those little green army men run wild. Children like to use their imaginations and have lots of space to tear around in. having a large room or even the entire basement area available for this can keep their toys and mess out of the rest of the house. Whether it’s a room you have built for them or all of the basement except the utility closet most children will love having a room for them.

The Home Gym – Exercise equipment doesn’t exactly mesh well with most furniture, and most homes aren’t built to accommodate treadmills, free weights and other fitness circuit machines. The basement is generally the best place if you want to invest in a home gym. The major benefit of course is that you get to exercise on your own schedule and you don’t have to pay expensive gym memberships – or the fuel to drive back and forth. You can easily get in a workout while dinner cooks overhead.

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