Corbett Lighting In The Kitchen

Since the beginning of time, the kitchen has been the focal room of the home. The kitchen is the center of activity, it’s the place we all meet either by happenstance or appointment. In addition, it is the room which determines a large percentage of the value of your home and the room which can draw the attention of a perspective buyer. For these reasons, you can see why it is important to invest in upgrades in your kitchen. Popular upgrades today are hardwood floors, decorative cabinets, granite countertops ceramic back splash and stainless steel appliances. Once you’ve decided upon the upgrades, it is now time to illuminate the room. And this is the final touch you don’t want to do without proper thought and execution. Corbett Lighting provides value and quality in mid-upper priced lighting products for your selection of kitchen island lights, mini-pendants, pendant and under the cabinet lights to enhance the style of your kitchen.There are so many styles to choose from, colors and finishes . But before you decide on style, color or finish the first step you should focus on is your lighting scheme.

Any lighting designer worth their salt will advise you that when planning the lighting for any room you should think of decorating in layers. The three layers are the ambient, task and accent. This scheme will give an elegant and balanced effect in your rooms. Most think of the ambient layer is the major layer of illumination which give the most amount of light throughout the entire room. Typically included in this layer are chandeliers, ceiling fans, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, track lighting, foyer lights and wall sconces.

The next layer in the decorating lighting scheme is task lighting. And just as you have probably guessed this layer focuses on the area where a task is being done. An example of this would be someone preparing food or eating at the kitchen island. The style lights that make up this category are mini-pendants, kitchen island lights, pendants, wall lamps and table and floor lamps.

Accent lighting is the last layer and is like the cherry on the top ! This placement of lighting bring highlight to specific items in the room , such as a wine rack. Under the cabinet lights fall into this category. And what better way to showoff those new granite countertops? Once you have decided on your decorating lighting scheme, then you’re ready to select what style you would like. The leading styles for the kitchen in 2011 are pendants and chandeliers. The style of the pendant gives a sleek and functional look which is available in many textures, polished chrome, antique brass and chrome. Pendants are so popular they are now a separate category in the lighting industry. And the chandeliers will add an element of class to your kitchen.

Corbett Lighting offers a wide range of styles from traditional, transitional, modern and period specific from which you can choose. They range in pricing from about $300.00 to over $4,000.00. Certainly it is worth your while to shop online for the best price as suppliers are always competing to offer the best price. I always recommend e-bay and amazon.

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