Creaking Doorway? Repair It By Yourself.

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If you own your own home, it helps if you can repair a few things by yourself; it seems there’s always something that needs to be fixed. One irritating problem is squeaking doors, and that isn’t really a significant issue, but the sooner it gets fixed the better everyone will like it. It’s the kind of thing you would like to manage all by yourself, and not have to call a repairman.

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One typical reason for door squeaks is the necessity for lubrication of the hinges. To begin with always tighten every one of the screws. Then get hold of a flat screwdriver to use to ease the hinge pins. Add just a little oil right on the hinge itself. Swing the door forward and backward slowly just as the oil seeps into the hinge. You’ll know if this was really the problem right away. If it didn’t, there is an additional thing that quite frequently happens. Occasionally the squeak might be brought on by wood rubbing against other wood. This can come about if the door is swollen due to high humidity. If this is the cause, just shift the door stop to prevent it from hitting the door. A hardwood block along with a hammer are the only tools you’ll need for this. Apply the hammer and the wood block to pound the door stop over slightly.

Persevere ’til the door operates quietly and smoothly. The only problem is that this will often break the paint, so some repainting may be in order. An additional cause may well be a hinge actually rubbing up against the door jam, maybe because it’s not cut in deeply enough, or it’s too deep. You may have to take the hinges off, and cut them in deeper, or find a shim to put behind the hinge. Almost any door squeak can be repaired through this process.

It can be a straightforward fix, or you may just need to replace the whole door. Because of pre-hung doors, this is usually a pretty easy job. Be sure that the doors match and get ready to do a bit of painting. No matter what it is, the great thing is to be able to do it yourself.

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