Deck Construction Quotes: Ensure That You Get Screwed

A good deck or porch can be a appealing place to settle back and enjoy the the warm days of Fredericksburg Virginia’s spring.

It really is a excellent spot to spend a good time with good friends or even a nice destination to dig into the sunday paper.
Building a deck probably will help to increase the value of your home making it a excellent investment for home-owners. A less soothing thought is often the added repairs and maintenance necessary by a improperly designed deck. A properly designed deck, however, can last for many, many years with virtually no maintenance. Definitely one of the most basic characteristics of well built decks is screws.
Decks Built With Nails
Decking is installed to joists in one of two ways: nails or screws. Nails are considerably less expensive to purchase and also, while using pneumatically-driven nail guns, they require quite a bit less time and effort to put in.

Unfortunately, nails lack the threads of a screw. The only thing holding them in is friction. This results in nails backing out of boards over time which means home owners occasionally have to hammer them back in. You’ll know a home owner with a nailed deck by the hammer hanging on a peg on the deck or in a kitchen drawer – standing ready for in the event the nail pops up and snags their child’s toe or shoe.
Building a Deck With Screws
Screws are the better way to build decks because, thanks to their threads, they don’t pop. The rigidity with which screws hold deck boards together actually provides the cumulative impact of stiffening and strengthening the whole deck. The trouble with using screws as opposed to nails is that they take significantly longer to install and cost a whole lot more per screw. Even highly experienced deck builder using a specialized, auto-feeding screw gun can’t drive screws as fast as nails are shot out of a nail gun. Every screw must be individually placed and driven by a screw gun into the deck boards.

The additional seconds add up to hours, coupled with the increased expense of the screws themselves make screws a more desirable, but alot more pricey option.
How Certain Deck Building Companies Cheat On Their Quotes
The math of screws compared to nails is one thing to watch for in the course of the initial estimate phase of your deck building project. So that they can bring down the cost on an initial quote, a few deck building companies will price a build for nails instead of screws. This unethical approach helps the unscrupulous contractor in three ways. For a start, it provides them the capability to under-cut competitors during the estimating process. Additionally, if they’re bold enough to try for it, they’ve an opportunity to up-sell a customer from nails to screws shortly after the contract has been signed.

Finally, if they don’t up-sell the customer, they can still hope to they will be called back so much sooner to mend the deck when all of the nails are popping, the decking is warping, etc. In any case, the one that loses out when a deck gets built with nails and not screws is you, the home owner.
A Good Factor For Judging Deck Quotes
If you’re reviewing estimates for a deck, knowing this may actually enable you to weed out the deck builders you you shouldn’t want to work with. When you are given a preliminary quote from a builder that’s priced for building your deck with nails versus screws, you know where that quote belongs.

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