Decoration Ideas: Skylights

If we think how effective skylights are, by comparison with vertical windows, in terms of day lighting and even distribution of natural light in the area lit, it is rather confusing why they are not standard windows in our homes instead of the latter. While retro-fitting is feasible in most cases, it can be difficult because it has to take into account the roofing style of the entire house, or even to accommodate important changes, given that the skylight you want might be larger than the one permitted by the existing rafters or trusses, which have thus to be cut.

At the same time, it is puzzling why they are not standard, if we consider their low maintenance, their opening size, their automatic functioning (if chosen) and the fact they are as weatherproof and durable as vertical windows.

Presumably, they are not standard because of their cost, but the fact is their fitting is more expensive than themselves (they being actually quite affordable). But taking into account their advantages, it might be worthwhile to try to solve the installation problem, given that, as a rule, only window contractors are expensive and, besides, they themselves outsource their services. Installing skylights yourself is not advisable, unless you have all the materials and skills needed. But a general contractor or carpenter could certainly solve your problem, being both inexpensive and qualified enough. In addition, you can spare your budget by ordering tempered glass instead of laminated one, if there is no perceivable external threat that might break them, and you can opt for cheaper manual vents instead of electrically driven ones.

Besides, skylights are a great device for living environment-friendly, allowing the decrease in heating, cooling and lighting costs of a residence, by reducing the need for artificial light and air conditioning. Given that heat and moisture do have the tendency to go up, all you have to do is to open your roof lights. Given their properties, skylights would be as useful in an office, for helping your eyes, in a sitting room, for enlivening the atmosphere, or in a kitchen, for removing vapors and heat.

In other words, if you want to refurbish successfully your home, you shouldn’t skip replacing your windows with some skylights. As to the installment scare, you should be able to find on the internet some inexpensive qualified professionals, to make the replacement of your windows worthwhile in all respects.

The skylights will transfigure your kitchen or dining room by providing a light and airy touch to the room and decreasing the need for artificial lighting. So, search for the best offers on the market from ClearSpan.

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