Designing Bedrooms: Colour Scheme Ideas And Tips

The bedroom is pretty much one of the most important rooms in any house. It’s where we recharge our batteries, spending around one-third (about 8 hours) a day in that one room. Even though we might be unconscious for most of that time, it’s still the room you are in when you go to sleep and wake up the next morning, so its decoration and design – from the colour scheme on the walls, to the bed itself and the fitted bedroom furniture – can play a big part in your mood, feelings and emotions over time.

So, when it is time to pick a colour scheme for the bedroom, don’t rush. Base it on your personal tastes and preferences, but be aware that conditions including the bedroom’s shape and size could also influence the colours you choose. When picking the ideal bedroom colour scheme, consider the below:

Choose colours for moods

Colours can influence your mood, so it’s important to pick a bedroom colour scheme based on colours you love but also depending on what suits you personally.

For example, blue can be a particularly calming and tranquil colour, and even though it’s not typically favoured amongst females, if a person would like to have a bedroom that helps them to feel at ease and relaxed then maybe that should be contemplated as a preferred option.

Pinks or reds on the other hand are more playful, romantic and fun. Along with oranges and yellows, they can be inviting and warm colours.

Soothing and restful colours? Go neutral: whites and creams are best for guest bedrooms, not only for this reason but because they are more likely to please a broader number of visitors, just because they’re neutral.

Choosing colours based on the room’s shape and size

For smaller bedrooms, it is wise to go for lighter colours, which will reflect more light and therefore give the illusion that the bedroom is much larger than it actually is. Mirrors can also help to open a small space and make it appear larger – an individual with a small bedroom might wish to have a few small mirrors scattered around or a large mirror in the bedroom for this reason.

For bigger bedrooms on the other hand, you might like to contemplate dark colours. Instead of just making the room appear smaller, they help to reel the space in, giving the bedroom the feeling of intimacy and cosiness.

Try before you buy (lots of pots)

Most importantly, contemplate using tester paint pots before purchasing your chosen colours in bulk, just in case you find that it is not what you wanted or it doesn’t fit with the room how you originally envisaged. Try different colours out and get a rough idea of what’ll be the best depending on the size of the bedroom, the space and generally simply what you like best.

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