Designing the Perfect Living Room in Seven Easy Steps

Regardless of whether you are decorating your first apartment or regenerating your existing space, there are several points that you will want to consider before making your first purchase or rearranging your furniture. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a family room in addition to your living room, the living room definitely will become the heart of your home.

How is your living room going to be used? TV viewing? A multi-purpose space? Make this decision before proceeding further with your design.

The first item you want to look for in your space is a focal point. Do you have a beautiful fireplace? A great view from your windows? Or is this a family room combo and the television is going to be the primary focus of your family? Make this decision now.

Large furniture is an excellent choice if your room has arched or high ceilings. Resist the temptation to purchase many pieces of smaller furniture as this will cause the living space to feel overcrowded and cramped.

How the room flows is paramount to your living room design. Measure every item of furniture and produce a scale chart. With this simple device, you can ensure that each piece will fit properly and the flow of traffic will be unhindered.

If you lead a hectic life and want serenity, then your color choices should be muted and soothing. Try neutrals such as creams, vanilla or soft beige. There are lovely choices to be found even in muted greens and blues that will give a calming feel to your space. But if you have a firecracker personality, then by all means, give expression to it by utilizing the more vibrant reds, yellows or even orange on your walls.

Don’t forget that floors and ceilings are also important elements of your room. Whether you choose carpeting, tile or wood, they should be an integral part of your design. Consider painting the ceiling a color other than pure white. If you have beautiful wood trim around your ceiling, consider a color that will complement your walls.

Variety is said to be the spice of life and mixing fabric patterns can certainly bring a lively atmosphere into your living room Coordinating florals, stripes, prints and plaids can be an invigorating and interesting way to spice up your space. But soothing solids are a good option if you require a calm and sophisticated tone in your living room.

The “piece de resistance” of any room is the accessories. Whether family photos, a magnificent collection of antique Limoges boxes or leather bound books are your thing, be sure to display them with pride. This last touch will pull your living room together and give the ambiance of continuity. You now possess a gracious, charming room that should work well for the entire family.

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