Dewalt DW788 – A Precision Tool Worth Having

The Dewalt DW788 saw is definaltely one piece of machinery that you must take a look at if you are in the market for a new scroll saw.

There are a few features that stand out when looking at the DW788:

The Unique Arm Design:
A tool must be reliable and accurate. This is most definitely the case with the Dewalt DW788 Saw. A significant reduction in the operating vibration is enabled by the saw’s double parallel arm design. Due to its design the Dewalt DW788’s arm is able to pivot from the back of the saw to the front. Because of this, a smoother, quieter operation is produced because the distance the arm needs to travel is shortened. The end product is precise cuts made more easily. The chances of over or under cutting are reduces due to the saw being able to keep the blade perpendicular to whatever you are working on.

Variable Speed Control:
The controls on the Dewalt DW788 Saw are conveniently situated. On the front arm, within reach, you fill find the speed control, on/off switch and blade tensioning lever. A flexible dust blower is also found on the front arm so that your workspace is always dust-free.

A dependable 1.3 Amp motor runs the Dewalt DW788. It delivers from 3/4 inch and up to 2 inch stroke lengths. Speeds ranging from 400 to 1750 strokes per minute are able to be achieved through the use of the variable speed control. Cleaner, smoother results are produced due to the better control.

Tool-Free Blade Changes:
Because of the Dewalt Dw788 exclusive blade changing system, you are able to change blades quickly. This is able to be done due to the tool-free blade clamps. This means that no valuable time is wasted changing blades and you can concentrate on your work.

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