Different Kinds of Lawn Mowers

There are several different kinds of lawn mowers.

Once you start looking towards getting a new mower you will probably lookup some lawn mower reviews and quickly notice that you’ve got many choices available to you as well as the actual type of mower (such as cost, size, and so on). That said, it’s fair to say that the type of lawn mower you’ll be looking into purchasing is the vital factor involved. Cost, size, and everything else becomes irrelevant if you start looking into commercial zero-turn mowers when you have only a 20ft lawn.

It’s very important to get a brief overview of the different kinds of lawn mowers and lawn tractors prior to deciding to start waving through reviews, allowing you to understand the fundamental facts regarding them, such as if the mower you’re looking to buy runs on a horizontal axis (termed as a cylinder, or reel mower) or vertical axis (known as a rotary mower). Below are my various types of lawn mower reviews.

Reel/cylinder (horizontal axis) – Reel/cylinder lawn mowers can be human-powered, but they are often combined with an internal combustion engine. The most popular commercial walk behind mowers (a lawn mower you push); the horizontal lawn mower blade axis can make reel/cylinder mowers a great all-rounder. They’d represent little use on commercial lawns, however, for a modest household lawn they’re perfect.

Rotary (vertical axis) – Vertical rotary blades are incredibly powerful, and subsequently oftentimes they must be operated by an central combustion engine. That said, electric rotary mowers are increasingly becoming ever more common. The principle down side to rotary mowers is thanks to the vertical axis they’ll not collect the grass cuttings. You will have to permit it to lay or you may wish to bag the cuttings to keep the newly cut lawn looking uncluttered. Much like reel/cylinder mowers, many of these would be of little use on commercial lawns, however for a manageable home lawn they’re just perfect.

Hover – Hover mowers are energized rotary push mowers which use a turbine engine over the spinning blades to drive air lower to form an air cushion, lifting the mower above the ground. Hover mowers are great for massive commercial lawns, parks and fields, and for excessive grass areas. They are additionally equipped to cut stuff like shrubs due to their power to hover.

Ride-on (also known as riding, or lawn tractors) – These are very popular for major commercial lawns, school fields and parks. Those working with the mower can be seated on top of it, handling the mower and literally riding it. Almost all riding mowers utilize the horizontal (reel) rotating blade system, accompanied by a whole lot of blades.

Finally, to take a look at some more differences between lawn mowers, take a look at these lawn mower reviews and lawn tractor reviews.

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