DIY Interior Design Guidelines

Whether you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, these quick interior design tips will be useful. Perhaps you just want to give a room a new look or maybe you prefer to completely change the style of your home. These tips will help the process run smoothly regardless of how big your small your interior design project is.

Why you should plan ahead

Before you spend any money, plan and plan again. You can make cut-outs of furniture, draw the room to scale, and arrange and rearrange until you’ve come up with a look that you want. Find examples of the style you like in magazines so you have a guideline, and shop around before you buy any furniture, window treatments or accessories.

Keep it simple

Regardless of your personal taste, it is much easier to jazz up a simple look than to tone down one that has gone too far. You’ll end up with a room you can’t stand if your over accessorize or over-design. To create a room you’ll enjoy, a simple design can be added over time.

Get your budget right

To get an idea or the budget your plan will require, start shopping around once you have a plan ready. To invest in good quality accessories and furnishings that’s sure to last, split your plan into affordable steps even though some items have cheaper alternatives. If your budget just won’t stretch far enough, you may want to scale your plan down and for example live with the furniture you already have but re-cover or paint it instead of replacing it.

No more clutter

The reasons behind some redecorating projects is that there are areas in the home that needs more space. The first step is to clear out the clutter and store things you don’t use. You’ll have a better idea or the storage space you need in the room and how much space there really is once you’re done.

While hiring a professional interior designer does add to your bottom line, they have the experience and expertise to put your personal preferences into a design that will not only look fabulous but be practical and functional as well. There are many books and software problems that provide guidelines for the DIY interior designer too. Your personal preference will play a huge part in your choices because it’s home after all.

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