DIY: Mount Any Kind Of Ceiling Fan By Yourself

Do you own room that may benefit from a ceiling fan? The installation of a ceiling fan is as straightforward as switching your current light fixture. Virtually all of the wires you need is already around so the only thing is to change the existing workbox with one that is made for the weight of a ceiling fan. If you dont adjust the established workbox to something that can cope with the weight could cause disaster. Right before you carry out anything, read the manuals for your fan very thoroughly and make sure that you have the needed tools.

Should you decide to setup the fan at a cathedral type ceiling, you very well may need to have parts to prolong the fan lower. As soon as you have all the stuff ready to go, the foremost thing you must do is make sure that the breaker is switched off so no power goes to the light fixture. The moment you take out the light fixture, verify to see if the pre-existing workbox can hold the increased weight. On most occasions, the workbox will never be able to hold the extra weight so you may need even more support. You will be able to do this fairly easily if you are able to get the light fixture from the attic.

To add new support, you only need to place a 2×4 in between the ceiling rafters so it touches the top of the workbox. Be positive that the 2×4 is anchored and then bolt on the box to the wood. Having a lightweight cordless drill will certainly assist you to complete the job a lot more proficiently. The 36618-02 or a milwaukee 2410-22 are both great choices. If you did it accurately, the body weight of the fan really should be efficiently supported by the 2×4 wood and screws. If you never have admittance to the attic, you will definately have to mount metal cross bracing using the hole in your ceiling. It is more complicated to carry out and may not be that reliable but its the ideal option if you have no attic admission.

When you have placed the fan together in accordance with the instructions, you are ready to deploy the fan to your light fixture. The tough part is positioning the fan, while joining the wiring. The challenge is according to the form of fan you have, whether it is a draping frame or a fan that has a bracket with a J hook. Many fans, you will find a wall mount switch along with a chain to regulate the speed of the fan. If you determine to also mount a light kit with the fan, both can be regulated by either chain or wall switch.

Electrical wiring the fan is as easy as connecting two black wires, two ground wires as well as white wires. Now all you want to do is accomplish assembling the fan according to the guidelines, by connecting the fan blades. When that is completed, turn the breaker back on to check out the results.

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