Do Electrical Powered Trimmer Work For Home Lawn Care – Check Out This Article

This post is about helping you find the right Worx Trimmer that will suit your needs. Have you seen the infomercial that used to be on TV? These grass trimmers have the purpose of doing light trimming jobs because they are powered with electricity. Here’s is a little illustration – they will have a very hard time with cutting down tall strong grass and even doing lawn care with cemeteries.

The best use for the Worx Trimmer would be to trim grass or edge your sidewalk that is around your house. Since they are powered using a battery, that is the main reason why they will not work the best for doing heavy duty jobs. People how are want a trimmer that can tackle the wet, thick, and tall grass will be disappointed with this trimmer because that is not the purpose of it. However, if you would like to have a trimmer that will be used just around the home that will not add more pollution from using gas and oil that can also fold up to save room – then this is one of the best trimmer that you can get.

So, from this point on you will be going through all the different types of Worx Trimmers that are available.

Lithium WORX GT

The design of this trimmer is a 2 in 1 tool, it can change into be used as a edger and also a trimmer. This means that you will be saving money because you will no longer need two different machines to trim the lawn and edge the sidewalks. Changing from trimmer to edger is not difficult at all. Another great feature about the Lithium GT is that it can be folded up, this means that it will not take up much room when you are not using.

You can see around 3 to 5 hours of cutting time from this 18 volt electric motor, this will also depend on what you are cutting. Since Worx has a special technology for their batteries, they will last about 3 times longer than other battery powered weed eaters. There is not pulling to make this trimmer work, all you will need to do is turn the appliance on, then squeeze the trigger. It has trim an area that is 10 inches. The line used to cut is 0.065 inches in diameter. The Lithium GT has a weight of 5.3 lb, light enough for you to not get any sore muscles after usage. This trimmer also comes in a 24 volt motor, which means it has a little bit more power.

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