Do You Enjoy Gardening?

In a garden, the beautiful flowers, trees, and plants will increase the feel and look of the surroundings. But all plants want different care in different seasons, and their needs are also different from each other and this is something you need to keep in mind. Be careful about them if you want to increase the beauty of a garden.

Indoor plants and outdoor plants are different from each other. So, one should know that the indoor houseplants and hanging baskets won’t need as much water in winters as they require in summers as compared to the outdoor plants, so only water when the soil is dry three inches under the surface. Limit them to one light feeding of fertilizer a month to prevent them from becoming huge.

Watching your houseplants for insects is important. There may be yellowing or discolored leaves so check your plants regularly. This condition is caused by either over watering or insects. Deformed plants and sticky deposits on leaves and stems could also be caused by insects. If insects are found, treat the problem when you’ve removed the plant to another area. Other animals and numerous types of insects can cause disaster for your plants. However, there are others that are essential for them to keep them healthy. Vital for pollinating flowers are bees and therefore you shouldn’t kill them all.

You need to be careful about the cleanliness because a garden will look beautiful if it’s clean. If your garden is kept clean and free of debris and dead plants, then insects and diseases will be prevented in your garden. Summer annuals must be pulled up while dead foliage should be removed from perennials. In the compost pile, you can add the leaves you’ve raked and chopped up. Your compost pile should be continuously watered and turned when possible. Turn the soil in beds that don’t contain plants to expose weed seeds and soil-borne insects to weather and birds.

Cleaning up your garden tools is also essential. If your tools are clean and sharp, your work will be easier. To help preserve them, remove oil wooden handles and dirt and debris. If you want your tools to be ready in the spring, sharpen your blades. If you take care of your plants and pay them the attention they deserve then your garden will give you many years of happiness. As long as you make the effort and work hard, you’ll be rewarded by your garden’s beauty.

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