Do you really need to replace that roof?

When the metal guttering at the Renault car showroom in Cardiff started to exhibit signs of ageing, the company needed an economical and trustworthy way to repair it whilst ensuring the facility remained operational throughout.

With the roof’s perimeter gutters showing deterioration, Renault required a price-effective repair system that would prevent the need for a expensive replacement. It was also crucial that the sales centre and showroom stayed open during the repair process to guarantee business operations would not be compromised in any way.

Renault appointed specialist contractor MCH Building and Roofing Limited to complete the 220m2 waterproofing application, as well as the cleaning and preparation of the surfaces. Acrypol + was specified by MCH as the product that they wanted to utilise because of its tough and reliable performance. They have 30 years’ experience in the industry and have used Acrypol’s products on an comprehensive range of projects.

Acrypol + is a total roof coating waterproof system developed to refurbish failed industrial, commercial or domestic flat roofs. Brush applied as a semi liquid paste, it dries to form an ultra tough, seamless flexible overlay. Acrypol + can be applied during damp weather conditions and still supply a long term solution to waterproofing problems and flat roof repair.

“We have been using Acrypol products since the company launched in 1986,” said Martin Ham, Director of MCH Building and Roofing Limited. “We continue to work with Acrypol as they offer unrivalled expertise and product knowledge within the waterproofing and roofing industry.”

Health and Safety risks are decreased when using Acrypol + as it does not require the contractor to use glues or bitumen on site, so it is particularly efficient for use on buildings that need to remain operational whilst work is carried out.

Acrypol + provided instant, tough and durable waterproof protection by stopping leaks and encapsulating the perimeter guttering. Any trapped moisture in the substrate was able to evaporate harmlessly into the atmosphere, allowing the product’s unique compound to bond quickly and efficiently.

The Renault garage can carry on offering a watertight protection to its staff, customers and stock of vehicles for many years to come thanks to the 10 year specification of the Acrypol + repair system, supplied by the Cardiff branch of Travis Perkins and installed by MCH Building and Roofing.

If your flat roof needs replacing or refurbishing at the most competitive tariff and with the minimal disruption to your business – talk to Acrypol. As the company that both manufactures and supplies the products, you get unrivalled standards of quality guaranteed.

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