Fast Advice On How To Bring Some Life To Your Bath

We spend a lot of time decorating our living rooms and bedrooms, but seldom do we care for our bathrooms. The utilitarian nature of the bathroom makes it unglamorous for most, even if a good amount of time is spent there daily. Bathrooms can be made to look great, however, if you invest a small amount of time and money to decorate them.

You can get started by painting your entire bathroom, enveloping it in a strikingly deep color. The use of dark colors for painting the room makes your bathroom look larger and more comfortable.

Don’t make your bath look all cramped up and messy. Get rid of any useless cans or makeup containers found underneath the sink – this can help get you off to a flying start. Your bath would also need to have a hamper. A smaller hamper that hangs at the back of the door is perfect for smaller bathrooms. A drawstring bag could also serve a similar purpose. These useful items contribute to free space in your bath.

If you have a frameless mirror in your bath, jazz it up as well. If you want your mirror to look more impressive to guests and family members, dress it up with fabric hung from cup hooks, forming a crude, yet aesthetically pleasing frame. If you wish, you can simulate a wooden frame with several pieces of wood cut from 1×4 lumber attached to the edges of the mirror. You can use colored fabric or paint the wood to match the color of the cabinets.

Your cabinets could also use some renovation. If you can simulate country themes or other fancy designs, do so if you could, but you can also paint your cabinet in solid colors. You have a lot of finishes to choose from for your cabinet. For added detail, how about painting the Formica counters? There are primers like KILZ or BIN made specially for painting counters, but before using these, clean the counter top well. To finish it off, apply four to six coats of polyurethane on the dried paint. You should get a nice, long-lasting finish.

Finally, apply some touches to the bathroom. You have several options on your hand when it comes to detailing the bathroom, but your best bet is to change the shower curtains (either by stitching up or buying new ones) or to slightly touch up your towels with fabric edges. You may not afford a trip to Paris or London, but if you have old calendar pictures of those locations or others, hang them on the wall with the help of some cheap, yet attractive frames. Plants are another option for you, provided the bathroom is adequately lighted.

Now that you’re done, celebrate by turning on the mood music, lighting up candles, and filling the bath with water and bubbles. It’s time to celebrate your newly redecorated bathroom.

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