Find Out Hints And Information On How To Repair Rot And Decay On Wooden Windows

Living in humid climate can cause your wooden fixtures to decay faster. You can find out how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows if you do not want to hire a pro to do it. Sure, you can hire a carpenter to fix your window but it will become costly if your windows decay often due to wet weather. You can fix minor damage yourself and save some cash.

A leaking gutter, rain, snow and humidity can lead to wood rot on your window sill. Do not delay fixing wood rot to prevent bigger damage and infestation from small pests like insects and termites. You can avoid bigger problems by fixing decaying wooden windows right away.

To get started with this DIY repair job, you can get some supplies at a hardware store. Some things you will need are: a chisel, drill, hammer, quarter of an inch drill bit, a paint brush, liquid epoxy consolidant, epoxy filler, some water, putty knife, and rough sandpaper.

Chip off the rotten wood with your chisel; tap it lightly to loosen up decaying wood. When you get all the rot out, you should be able to see good wood. Drill some holes on the exposed healthy wood with your drill. Place the holes about one to two inches apart.

Brush away dust and wood chips with the paintbrush and then place a layer of liquid epoxy consolidant where you bored holes. Fill the holes with the liquid too. Let it dry for 5 mins and then apply another coat of epoxy consolidant. Keep applying the liquid till you see that the wood refuses to absorb anymore.

Allow the consolidant to dry completely into a solid mass. This tough surface will allow you to work on the wooden window without breaking the frame. Now, mix the epoxy filler with water as directed on the label. Check first if the epoxy filler you bought is ready to use before adding water. Apply the filler where the decayed part used to be.

Mold the soft filler into a shape similar to the wood that used to be there. Use the putty knife to mold it into shape that fits the frame. Once satisfied with the shape, let the epoxy filler dry till it solidifies. Rub it with sandpaper once it dries up to smoothen sharp edges. The finished product should look like the other healthy wooden window sills.

Repairing the rot and decay on wooden windows isn’t as complicated as you think it is. We also want to tell you more about sash windows right now.

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