French Polish The Best Antique Furniture Polish

Older furnishing get dull look quickly, this dullness seems permanent as it is not easy to remove. Using antique furniture polish is what you really need to revive the old wood works or to give them brand new sheen. The French finish is the best option for such furnishings, specially oak and mahogany.

This started even before the 19th century, when such craftsmanship held a great value and was a noble profession. One thing is to be kept in mind that this is not a product, but only a technique. The French finish won’t be found anywhere on the market. This technique required a lot of labor and was therefore used only for the most expensive wood furnishings of the time.

The technique was soon abandoned by most craftsmen. The finishing is capable of making your antiques more valuable, by giving it a mirror style covering. This technique, even though requires more effort is still better than the spray on finishes.

The finish is made by adding alcohol to shellac. Also the finishing can be lightened to match the shades suitable to the furnishings own. It is made to come in contact with the furniture by help of rubbing pads, unlike the aerosol spray finishes, which harm the environment.

The polish requires a number of coats, in circular patterns, along with patience for the best results. The finish makes the furnishings sensitive to heat, which is a drawback to its wide scale use. Still the finish is repairable and can be re-applied, on places where hot things have been kept, to bring back the shine.

No other antique furniture polish can bring the justice to your old furnishings like the French finish. However, there are only few dedicated craftsmen which are reviving this dying art today. Even from the first coat you will see an amazing difference that will make you want to throw your spray finish cans away for good.

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