Garden Chimes Are Traditional Decorations

In ancient times, wind chimes were hung to discourage evil spirits from lurking around homes. Nowadays they are used as charming outdoor decorations. There are many styles of garden chimes to fit any decor and enchant every ear.

Gardeners are artists who seek to surround themselves with beauty using plants arranged to highlight color, light and shade, shape, texture, and fragrance. Personal expression is as important outside as it is in the furnishing found inside the home.

It is easy to add another dimension to the scene with musical notes that emphasize every breath of wind. The many types of these percussion instruments and the variety of materials used in their creation give options enough to please every taste.

There are many styles of these traditional ornaments. Hanging cylinders of different lengths are familiar, often made of metal that gives off a variety of tones dependent on the length and thickness of the tube. Artisans hand craft ones that can play recognizable tunes, or ones that are as decorative as mobiles, featuring birds, flowers, sail boats, or any other object.

Materials used include metals, glass, sea shells, plastics, or any other substance that is weather and shatter-proof. Cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and steel are used to produce loud, clear notes, while wood such as bamboo give off muted sounds. Clay can produce mellow tones, and glass reflects light while giving off tinkling music. Sea shells are often hung on beach house porches, agitated by the sea breezes and reminding everyone of days on the sand.

Garden chimes come in all shapes and sizes, can showcase recycled or scavenged items, and can be as decorative as a mobile.

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