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There are many reasons why home owners should be take caution once winter starts setting in. One of the most terrifying and annoying change that occurs during this season is the fact that pests, especially rodents, start looking for food and good shelter. If you do not have an effective pest control measure put in place, these rodents can easily invade your home and can cause a lot of destruction.

Rodents are very destructive pests since they can chew almost any property in your home from wood to clothes. Their main source of food comes from any cereal products and seeds hence they can easily destroy your meals if they are not stored well. Of all the home intruders, rodents are one of the fastest breeders and this is why you need to ensure a proper control measure is put in place before they become uncontrollable.

In order to get the situation under control, it is very important for you to call pest control specialists as soon as possible. There are signs which can help you know whether your home has been invaded by rodents. The most common sign is the presence of droppings around your house. If the rodent problem is controllable, you can use methods such as traps to kill the rodents in your home.

Research has shown that mint is a good repellant for rodents and for this reason; home owners can grow it around their owner and also place them inside their homes so as to repel these pests. Setting traps around the house is also a method of killing rodents that has been in place for a long time.

Since it is evident that rodents can be very destructive, it is important to consult a well established pest control company once you find out your home has a rodent problem. Traps and poisons will only help you kill the rodents but for an effective elimination of these pests from your home, you should consult pest control specialists. \

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7 Responses to Get Rid of Rodents

  1. Willy. S says:

    Rats are very dangerous because it can cause leptospirosis. As much as possible, avoid the use of chemicals in membasminya because chemicals have adverse effects for the human body.

  2. Robby P. Baggio says:

    Rodents, especially rats indeed annoying pests. The best way to remove it is with as much as possible using natural ingredients or natural predators of the animal.

  3. Jacob Neely says:

    The website that was provided in the last part of the article was definitely interesting and promoted safer solutions to our pest problem however it makes me wonder if the conditions would be better or worse in the different regions of the world. After reading the part about the traps that we still set it makes me think of things differently because I now have a child. Those curious kids! Wouldn’t want that to happen for sure!

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Some pests can be more persistent in different parts of the world. A pest control specialist in your area can further guide you on the best solution for your home.

  4. Zeeshan Iqbal says:

    Rodents are the problem of every home. Every home is effected and annoyed with the destructive activities because they destroy our meal & cloths and become the cause of different diseases so we use traps and tablets with poison to get rid from these pests but some time we may unsuccessful. So I agree with the author consent that we must consult a well established pest control company once we find out rodent problem at our homes.

  5. Shafaq says:

    Rodents are a major problem just like cockroaches, a problem we have a lot! Pest control specialists are your best chance to fight these off!

  6. PK Sardar says:

    In India we experience huge loss from rodents. We generally use the traditional methods of killing the rodents – use of traps, poisons and pet cats. But generally the measures are taken only after substantial damage has been done. Hence proper preventive mesures suggested by experts (Pest Control Agencies) can truely cut down the heavy loss that our whole nation experiences. Hope blogs like this are read by many and preventive measures are taken well in advance.

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