Glass Chips or Lava Rock for Fire PitsLava Rock or Glass chips in fire pits

Recently I received an email from an individual who had a fascinating problem and I want to share it with you because you may of faced the exact same thing. His email was this:

We made a natural gas fire pit and put a large amount of coloured glass chips in it. It works extremely well, looks fantastic but is pointless for roasting marshmallows : (.

It feels like an open flame just lights the marshmallows … We need coals. But I don’t want to put wood in and handle the ashes.



We here at Lava Rocks for Fire never had a question or problem of this nature presented to us, but upon reflexion and talking about it with our staff this was our solution to this problem. We had seen it done before but only by a couple of folks.

our return e-mail went as follows:

Your email was fascinating, we hadn't ever heard about this type of problem before.

Glass chips make for a pretty fire, one where you wouldn't need to mess it up with food drippings like marshmallows or hotdogs and so on. And glass won't hold heat very well; or reflect radiant heat also.

Lava rock appears to get only better with age due to the carbon build up caused from food burn to a “carbon crisp” (and lava rock hides these crumbs as the rock isn't so uniform in size and colour and is permeable). The heat built up in the lava rock with natural gas or propane pumps out better for roasting those party favourites because of the thin walls of the lava rocks ‘ micro caves, occasionally turning them growing red (so creating ember like effects).

It all boils down to a pair things you want to choose for yourself, and only you can answer them. Do you want a pretty fire pit or a useful fun fire pit? Or better yet , why not both?

I've seen both functions built into the same fire pit.

In this one case we have seen, they put a double gas ring in the pit with one rings being larger in diameter than the other. And depending on your taste and style you are trying for, they put colored glass chips in the middle over the littler gas ring and lava rock on the outside over the larger diameter gas ring.

What this did was sort of cool. When these folks wanted just pretty flames they turned on the center gas ring which was under the glass chips; but when they would have liked a fun roasting flame they'd switch on the bigger outside ring, the one under the lava rock.

This might be something to contemplate.

I'm wishing you all the best and have a good time with this.


Building a back garden fire pit is fun and still can be terribly handy. There isn't any need to sacrifice one for the other when you can have both. I hope this text permits you to see that you can create a very unique and fun fire pit for you own backyard. Its something new to think about.

Lee Miller is your source for lava rock for fire pits and lava rock for bonsai check him out at his websites and if you have any comments or questions contact him from there.

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