Great To Have – Excalibur Dehydrator 3500 Review

Tinker with some marinades and buy brisket if you want to dehydrate beef! I have also tried round and flank steak but brisket holds the marinade the best and is the most flavorful! Total cost to run the FD-75, about So, she told me to send the “head” back and they would replace it. I asked how long the exchange would take and she said given that I was in Indiana and she in Wisconsin, the turnaround should be a matter of days..41 per day. Well worth the cost savings of buy prepackaged camping/hiking food.

I absolutely love this dehydrator – I have not stopped using it since I bought it a week ago. So far I have made banana chips, sweet potato chips, dried cranberries, fruit rolls, and beef jerky. I made both of those recipes – it worked out to the T! If you want to have a handy, sturdy food dehydrator this one is for you, affordable and it does the job. Purchased this a few weeks ago and dehydrated everything in sight. I did peaches (very good), cantaloupes (different), and lots of ripe local tomatoes.

It’s a great quality machine and you get a nice starter package with it. I’ll add to this review in a year, but my family has always used this brand, and we’ve always had a good experience with it. I am looking forward to many years of wonderful goodies! Wow, I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas this year and had a blast looking at various items on the Amazon website and finally decided on a food dehydrator. I initially ordered this as a jerky maker for my children, and we have had several dehydrators in the past that lasted a SHORT time. We opened the box and found it to be smaller than we had thought, at first!

I bought this product to make jerky for my husband since he is on a low-carb diabetic diet and is thus very limited on what he can snack on. We are very pleased with the result. I purchased a dehydrator to make healthy treats for my dogs. This Nesco was chosen based on other reviews. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I am using to make dog treats as most of the dog products come from China and are NOT safe. To turn on the dehydrator, you plug it in. To turn it off, you have to unplug it.

Two thumbs up on this one. Way better than Ronco brand. Otherwise it functions well. Directions are a bit vague, so everything we have dried has been an adventure. I can see how they might warp during the dry cycle in a dishwasher. They hand washed and air dried just fine.

I’m thinking 8 pounds of raw meat dehydrating would be a wonderful thing. SCRATCHED WINDSCREEN.

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