Hardscapes Unify Buildings And Their Surroundings

Permanent outdoor features can create a strong link between gardens and architecture. Hardscapes are also the perfect way to integrate the two and create a flow from one area to the other. It is important that the materials used compliment the buildings and also blend well with nature. A good design will bring out the best of both buildings and gardens.

The use of materials for hardscapes could be more rustic than indoor tiles for example but they can still have very similar characteristics. Rough stone that is used in the garden could also be just as effective as cladding on building walls. Elements such as patios and pathways also offer the best way to integrate architecture and the landscape.

There is a greater variety of materials available than ever before. Cast concrete is popular because it can be made into practically any shape with various finishes and colors. Natural stone is still quite popular and is being used in many new ways. Stone cladding is being used in new ways and creates exiting opportunities to reflect a more rustic style.

Solid stone can still be very effective for short retaining walls. These would incorporate steps very effectively and become a beautiful feature on their own. These types of features also blend very well with paths or paved patio areas. Retaining walls can easily be built up into outdoor entertaining areas.

Matching the exterior finishes to outdoor areas is very important to create visual harmony. Shapes and textures should also match. There is the opportunity to combine more natural shapes into outdoor features while still retaining some of the nature of the architecture. This creates a more natural link between the two. This could be done for example by adding curves to a patio to break up linear shapes.

Paved driveways can also do this very effectively and combines curved and linear forms in just about any way possible. There are also endless options for patterns. Paved drive ways also offer many advantages over their rivals such as cement or asphalt. For one thing they are much more attractive but they also don’t crack and damaged stones can easily be replaced.

Whether for paving, tiling, building or cladding there are almost endless options available for design and materials. If you are looking for a company to do this kind of work you have to make sure they can provide the best design, materials and installation expertise. If done correctly hardscapes can create the perfect link between gardens and structures.

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