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If you have been searching around for a decent mitre saw then you know difficult it can be to decide on one. This is why, you should really read this review of the Makita LS1016L. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is to choose the right tool for the appropriate job.. This review will give a bit more insight into the Makita LS1016L

Makita has a good track record, having become a trusted manufacturer and distributor of household and commercial power tools. Quality equipment has been known to be produced by Makita. When we inspect the Makita LS1016L, we realise this trend has not changed. A best in class molding cutting capacity, standing at a verticall nested 6-5/8 inches, are one of its features. The LS1016L comes standars with a pantened 4-steel rail sliding system, which is intended to further rigity and produce superior cuts. It also includes a design whcih boasts 6 linear ball bearings which enable you to have smooth,adjustment-free accurate cuts.

Looking at the LS1016L, a few features to have a look at are:

Cutting Capacity and Accuracy
The LS1016L has been equipped with a direct drive gearbox and a patented retractable guard system which has been developed to increase vertical cutting capacity. A 90 degree angled cutting capacity of 12 inches and a vertical baseboard cutting capapcity of 4-3/4 inches are available with the retractable guard system. More precise and smoother cuts are possible due to the 6 linear ball bearings.

Mitre and Bevel Cuts
Due to the fact that the 4 sliding fences enable you to make lower and upper fence adjustments means that you have a variety of cutting adjustment available through the sliding fence system.A miter degree of between 0 and 52 to the left and between 0 and 60 degrees are available with this saw. The easily-accesible rear-handle bevel lock is able to adjust between 0 to 45 degrees to both sides. More accurate adjustment are also made easier through the dual front bevel scales. The Makita LS1016L boasts a 1-touch miter lock system. This is designed to make more accurate adjustments and in turn increase efficiency. With the aid of the built-in laser, accuarte cuts are made much easier. By means of the laser, one is able to see whether the blade is turning or not. Micro-adjustments and precise left and right-of-blade are possible through the use of the laser. It also includes an on-off switch.

Saw Design and Motor

The Makita LS1016L is portable as it weighs less most saws in its category. The Four-Steel Rail Sliding System requires less space than competing dual sliding miter saws. By making the blade guard system see-through, Makita has made it possible to have greater visiblity of the blade and line-of cut. The 1016l has a one-step blade change process which means you won’t have to waste valuable time changing blades.The D-blade design,which is rubberized, adds a bit more comfort.

The Makita 1016l is powered by a 15 AMP direct gear box motor.Which, unlike belt-driven saws, will not require maintenance.Through the soft-start feature, you are able to get softer start-ups whilst contant speed is maintained with Electronic Speed Control leading to smoother, more accurate cuts.

The Makita LS1016L is perfect for finish work, remodeling, trim work and furniture making.The Makita LS1016L is perfectly suited for professionals such as finish carpenters, professionals woodworkers, case and base installers, cabinet installers and cabinet manufacturers.

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