Helpful Hints For Choosing A Plumber

The time that most people require a plumber is when there is an emergency. However, the panicked decision made then is most certainly not the best way to choose the best. Sure, you may get lucky, but then again you may not, and can you afford to take the chance?

Contacting a plumber at the last moment puts you at a disadvantage. He knows straight away that you are desperate and so can charge you more or less anything he likes. Furthermore, you know nothing about him, his work or his reputation. All you have to rely on is his advertisement in the local press of Yellow Pages, and all that will tell you is how good and reliable he is. And that is hardly surprising as he wrote it.

Dodgy plumbing can be fatal to the fabric of a building. Poor joints and leaks allow water to infiltrate, potentially causing colossal damage. It is even worse if the problem lies undetected for a few months. The result is a very expensive repair operation.

To avoid this, and any other problem, it is wise to be prepared ahead of any such event. This means taking time out to research the local market. Then, when you do have a problem, you’ll be glad you did, as you will be able to summon up someone who you know and trust

Begin your search by consulting with friends and neighbors. A personal recommendation is always good, and it is fairly certain that someone you ask will know of a good person. Even if that method draws a blank, you should certainly hear of a few names that you needn’t consider any longer.

Next, consult local newspaper advertisements and Yellow Pages. Take a careful note how the phone is answered. If it is done in a professional manner, proceed to the next step. However, if it is answered by a child or someone who seems a bit vague, forget it.

Tell the person who answers what you require and invent some job you want a quotation for. Following that, do the same for all the others on your list. This will enable you to make a fair comparison based on fees, which will narrow your list even further. Then ask about qualifications and licenses, if applicable in your area. Last of all, meet the one you choose and decide if you can trust him and so on. If the answer is yes, your problem is solved. If the answer is no, keep moving down the list until you feel satisfied.


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