Home Remodeling Projects for the Kitchen-How to Choose your Counter top

Kitchen counter tops get a lot of use and abuse over the years. They are usually at the receiving end of knife marks, nasty stains and sometimes even chips. They seem to last forever but there actually will come a time when they do have to be replaced or upgraded. When that time comes, how do you choose from among the many options available in the market?

What are the latest counter top choices in the market?

The options are basically unlimited with various designs and materials to choose from, with prices bordering between the swanky rich expensive variety to the more practical low-cost types. It all depends upon your style preference, your budget, and of course how bad you actually want your kitchen at home to look good with that counter top in there.

One of the popular choices is the ceramic tile counter top.

Ceramic tiles are fired and done is a large range of colors and designs. They can act as the statement piece of your kitchen as they really allow you to be creative with your designs. If you choose ceramic, you can expect a counter top that would last a very long time as it is basically water-proof, fire-proof and scratch-resistant. Be extra careful when placing your breakable tableware on top though, as ceramic is very hard and could leave you with a lot of chipped plates and broken glasses. The only downside to using ceramic is perhaps the grout, as they easily get stained and available cleaners are not very effective in cleaning them once they get soiled.

More inexpensive choice: If the budget is a consideration for you, then perhaps a counter top made of plastic laminate would be best for you. There are many options in these type of counter tops in colors and textures as well. You may also purchase them in preformed models which makes installing them very easy. The negative aspect in using this kind of counter top is that they easily get stained and they are just not as durable as their more expensive counterparts.

What are the other available choices?

What are the other options out there?

Even though it is an expensive choice it will last as long as the kitchen itself.

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