Hot Tub Covers Should Be Locked Down For Safety

Safety should always be a parmount concern in anything we do. This is true for something as simple and obvious as riding a bicycle, and for something as far-fetched and “daring” as deep sea diving.

Water safety is one issue that receives a fair amount of attention. Consider how many times you may have read or heard a message to call our attention to the importance to act safe around water, to never go swimming without a companion, to always wear a life vest or jacket when when in a canoe or kayak. Even in our yard, we are reminded to make sure the swimming pool is blocked with a pool fence to keep children and animals from falling in.

But what about our spas? They also are filled with water. They too can drown people. How do we protect people’s lives with our hot tubs?

Hot tub safety starts with a sturdy hot tub cover. Covers are reasonably weighty and fite quite well in place, so they can protect against most accidental encounters. They are also built strong enough that even people walking on them will pose no risk, and will not damage them, either.

Hot tub covers keep stuff out of your hot tub. “Things” include the obvious, for example neighbourhood children who wander over, even teenagers out on prowl. “Things” also include wild animals – racoons, skunks, rabbits, deer, mice, etc. – and of course pets, such as dogs and cats (and who knows…maybe an escaped zoo animal just to add something a little out of the ordinary to this list). And “things” also include six-legged little critters, spiders, leaves, twigs, bird bombs (yuck!) and who-knows-what-else might fall into your hot tub.

Covering Up Is Not Enough

But covering your hot tub is not enough. Locking it down will further ensure safety. A cover can easily be lifted – much harder to remove is a locked down cover. Many people were saddened to read the story of Nathan Kuehne, a fireman from McCutchanville, Indiana. While visiting the home of a friend for an overnight stay – overnight because he had imbibed far too much alcohol to drive back home – he decided to enjoy the soothing warmth of the hot tub. At 27 years of age, that was the last time he would ever take a dip in a hot tub.

The truth is we hear almost weekly of a hot tub drowning, and many could be prevented by following simple safety precautions., so many of which would be preventable by following a few common-sense safety tips. Water is dangerous even when it is up only to our knees.. It’s a no-brainer to play it safe, both to protect own lives and to protect other folks and creatures.

Here is still another excellent reason to lock down your hot tub cover: stormy weather. Yes, in extreme storm conditions a hot tub cover can actually lift and fly away. This might not happen more than once every couple of years, but you want to avoid the damage of a hot tub cover hurtling through your window.

So take the time to secure everybody’s safety and lock down your hot tub cover. It makes common sense to do so.

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