How Not To Install Your Own Home Theatre System

If there were an instruction manual on how NOT to hook up a private home-based cinema system, I believe I could add a couple chapters of my own. Having opted not to contact my local Electrical Contractor in Swan Hill – it all started out nicely. Enviably massive plasma TV? Tick. Speakers that would have the neighbours complaining all night long? Tick. Enough wires to circumnavigate round the block? Tick.

With all my stuff in hand, all that I had to do was actually just ticking the boxes. O.K, I admit that I am no technical nerd or certified sparky, but I’m ok when it comes to reading and following a guide. Fitted out with a heap of instruction guides and a fresh coffee I got to work.

To make a long story short, I failed totally. What occurred between starting on this mission and ultimately giving up is a little bit of a blur, but here goes.

The first issue was all that language! Somewhere between bridging, anamorphic and matrix, I began to develop a bit of a brain freeze. Not to mention the proven fact that I could’ve played Scrabble with all the undecipherable acronyms like ADSL, THX and DHCP. Phew!

After I wrapped my brain around some of these alien terms (okay, I admit I Had to use a Search Engine more than a couple of times), it was on to making all the disparate pieces come together in one blissful system. Well, my visions of home-based theatre system glory were quashed once more when I realised how incompatible the various hardware can be. It’s as if the manufacturers purposely make it bewildering solely for their own folly. The TV is off doing its own thing, while the blu ray player is going in the other way, and meanwhile the satellite receiver has gone walkabout. Each wants to be in charge of the various functions, but the more you try and shed light upon your options, the further you spin into a deep, dark hole of system overload.

As I sat there besieged by loose wires, random components and a handful of remote controls, I realized that installing a home cinema system isn't a DIY sort of job. I only wish I had come to that conclusion sooner. No matter how much I tell myself I can do things on my own, this is one case where I had to confess defeat and call on somebody to dig me out of this technological hole I had dug myself into. So after hours of trying, a few not-so-nice words, and 1 or 2 cups of coffee I came to one straightforward conclusion: Some things really are better left to the professionals!

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