How Practicality Are Boats As Primary Residence?

The passion for boats often enables people to decide living in one. Childhood fixations are rarely forgotten and such fantasies about being a corsair was brought along as they grew up. But these boat-loving children may never learn to regret having an unusual yet fascinating home.

“Liveaboards” are the common name for boats used as primary residence. The main reason why people would prefer living in a boat is because it costs so much to own a house and lot. With liveaboards, they don’t have to worry so much about electricity bills, water bills and mortgage rates.

The greatest obvious advantage of liveaboards is that it is mobile and a resident can cruise whichever he or she feels to go. However, it would take higher skill in navigation and maintenance to prevent disasters. Unlike terrestrial houses, a resident would have to worry about capsizing and accidental scuttling on top of setting the roof on fire.

People can incorporate marine-based careers while they are on a residential sailboat. Depending on the size of the lounge and guest cabin, the residential pilot/captain can use his or her residence as a temporary domicile for tourist scuba divers. Tourism is how liveaboard residents make a lucrative living while anchored in a marina, waiting for the approach of good-paying fellow adventurers on the jetty.

A resident of a liveaboard can sail to any destination provided that the radar and the radio antenna are working well. Even in private leisurely cruises, there are chances of encountering uncharted drifters floating at the open sea and destined to be rescued. Sometimes liveaboard residents are graced with an alternative career assisting the coast guards, if they were awarded with recommendations.

Having to move from one locality to another is one luxury land residents do not have which boat residents possess. Land residents will have to contact real estates and removalists and pay fines so one has got to have a very valid crucial reason for doing so. But for liveaboard residents to transfer from Louisiana swamp to the Costa Rican shores, all they need is a good weather forecast and a petty excuse.

Not having to pay for electricity and water bills means not getting the liberal flow of these utility resources from the city administration. The boat resident’s supply of power and fresh water will have to be foraged from generators and the good old massive oak barrels. This is not generally regarded as a dire inconvenience for people who prefer living on the middle of the open sea since it generally appeals to their free-spirited nature.

There may be many things that separate boat residents from land residents but only one thing remains for certain. Liveaboard tenants are more adventurous in spirit and more attuned to the waters. One may imagine how interesting these people are and the only certain thing in them is that they are neither “sinkers” nor seasick.

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