How To Bail Out The Earth, One House At A Time!

Well Climate Change or Global Warming stories are everywhere and if the weather we have had since the start of April is anything to go by, we are certainly getting warmer! These stories have been around since the early 1980’s, but it seems that now we are having to take notice. We are all instructed to try and reduce our carbon footprint. You can find advice all over the internet about how to do such things.  is an online community in which people support others to try out new ways of ethical living. There are whole sections on reducing carbon footprints. These can be anything from adding double glazing to your home, to organising a car-share for your commute to work. There are some great tips, well worth a look.

Well what has this got to do with me? There is zilch original here – I hear you thinking. Well, before you click away – READ ON! I am about to reveal to you a new way of looking at going green. I will also let you in on a secret; something the powers that be don’t want the little guy to know about.

If you make your house greener, you will reduce not only your carbon footprint, but your costs. This reduction can lead to substantial financial savings over a period of time, and this is money you will now be able to use for other things. Going green doesn’t only save the earth, it saves you money which can really grow.

In the UK and the US, the governments sponsor and subsidize the purchase and installing of Solar Panels on residential dwellings. The cost is still high, but if your house is facing the right way and in a location which gets a lot of sun, you can have all your energy needs met AND get paid for the spare energy you pump into the Grid.

Yeah, Yeah – you’ve heard it all before. But this GREEN ENERGY MIRACLE may be new to you. A fresh spin on some old technology (stuff we did in Physics at school) has just been released onto the domestic market. This is cheap to make and yet can power your home for FREE.

To be honest, I didn’t believe it myself, but I have spoken with some physicists and this is entirely legit. Just think about all the cash you would save by installing one of these into your home.

Really – it can. Check out my other articles to find other unheard of green devices the giant energy firms wish we didn’t know about.

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Best Wishes!

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