How to choose a kegerator

To have the great taste and convenience of draught beer in your home a kegerator is a great investment to consider. There are many different types and styles of kegerator to choose from and knowing which one will be best for you may be a challenging decision to make. A little information about kegerators can help narrow your choices and allow you to make the right decision for your needs.

Size is an important consideration when choosing a kegerator. Among the many options a mini is a great choice for the average beer drinker. With the introduction of the newer 5 liter mini kegs smaller counter top kegerators are becoming very popular options in mini kegerators today.

Mini kegerators are produced by many companies and sometimes are specially designed to work with only one brewers mini kegs. It is important to know what products will work in a mini in order to be sure you can use your favorite beer in that particular make or model. Researching this fact can be very helpful in making the choice of mini kegerator that will meet your needs over the long run.

A full or standard size kegerator is designed to use up to a full size keg. Most of these style kegerators are able to use not only a full size keg of 15 gallons but are usually able to use the 1/4 and 1/6 size kegs as well if you really don’t need a full 15 gallons of beer. This type can be purchased in both portable or stationary models.

Portable models are usually based on a mini fridge design and most can be converted to a standard mini fridge when not being used to store a beer keg. Wheels or casters are usually installed on these models to assist in moving from place to place. Perfect for occasional entertainment or moving from poolside to recreation room or almost any other area of the house this type is very versatile.

Stationary Kegerators come in sizes ranging from the same mini fridge as the portable model up to a full size built in or even a full bar style storage with the kegerator and storage for bottles and cans. Many stationary models are also able to used outdoors as those require special designs to handle the outdoor environment.

Taking the time to decide which make and model work best for you and your needs is a great investment in being sure the kegerator you eventually buy works well and meets your needs. If you want the great taste of draught beer on tap whenever you want then a kegerator is a great option for you to consider.

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