How To Choose A Plumber

This short article gives some useful ideas to consider whenever you need to choose a plumber to carry out some repair or installation work on your premises. Although many people prefer to find trades-people/contractors through their personal contacts, the newer rate-a-trader websites can provide an alternative when the personal recommendation method does not give a satisfactory outcome. Whether you find your contractor via personal contacts, via the internet, or via a trade association or newspaper advertisement, it always make sense to check out all expected costs beforehand, and to obtain competitive quotes for larger jobs.

Often people who are seeking a reliable and trustworthy contractor or trades-person will rely on personal recommendation. As well as contacting friends and family members it is worthwhile thinking about other people you know who have recently had some work done on their home.

Don’t just ask for the name of a trades-person. Try to find out if they were reliable and professional in their approach. For example, did they turn up when they said they would, did they keep the householder informed about any problems, and did they clean up properly when they had finished.

If it is not possible to find your contractor through personal contacts, then it may be worth considering using some of the many ‘Review a Trader’ websites on the net. Don’t just choose the top rated trader, but also consider the number of comments on each trader, and read through some comments, especially any negative ones.

No matter how you find your preferred supplier, it is advised that you find out details of call-out charges and other fees before finalizing your decision, and certainly before arranging for him or her to visit your premises.

Although choosing a plumber (or any trades-person) on price alone is usually not recommended, it makes sense to at least make sure that you will be charged a competitive price. Most people find that getting three quotes is sufficient. This gives sufficient information to tell if any of the potential contractors is charging much more, or much less than the going rate.

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