How to Choose Hot Tub Covers

If you pick the ideal hot tub covers, you’ll have a wonderful session of comfort after a long day at job. A hot tub can help you overlook a harsh or uninteresting day and it will  serve you well for a long time if you remember to take care of it. One of the best maintenance tips for your hot tub is a hot tub cover. A cover will certainly help in covering and protecting the tub from harmful elements.

Buying the greatest hot tub cover is a bit challenging, particularly with the variety in the marketplace. Nevertheless, choosing the best one is attainable if you contemplate things like:

Determine the place of your hot tub – This is the primary factor that you ought to consider before you buy a hot tub cover. If your hot tub is in an enclosed location, it needs less protection coming from substances and debris. Considering that area will be a restriction, you must choose soft or rolling covers as they are simple to utilize and not heavy. Nevertheless, an outdoor hot tub needs extra protection and you ought to choose hard-shell kinds of covers.

Usual climate – What is the weather of your hot tubs location? In case you have placed your hot tub in a sunny location or in an outdoor area, you need to select a solar cover. When it comes to outdoor hot tub, you’ll be at an advantage mainly because sunrays will assist in heating the water. This helps out with minimizing the electricity bill as well as providing defense to your hot tubs instruments. Alternatively, if the weather in your surrounding area is tough, you should purchase the covers that can absolutely fight the strong climate.

Physical capabilities – When or before purchasing hot tub covers, you should consider your physical ability. If you have a physical disability, you need to select a cover which is easy to take out and install. In this instance, you shouldn’t choose hefty covers due to the fact that they will demand another person to assist you in preparing or removing it from the hot tub. On a similar not, light smooth covers are ideal for the elderly individuals. You need to examine the covers prior to purchasing it and assess whether it fits you.

Value – As much as you would want to contemplate all these factors, you should not forget to check on the cover value. You should make a budget that includes all the spa packages like tub equipment. Make sure that you have enough cash for purchasing the right covers and the essential equipment.

Warranty – While purchasing a hot tub cover, you must not forget to evaluate the warranty. The best cover to buy is the one that the seller guarantees you that he/she will certainly change just in case you discover that the cover isn’t working accurately.

The above tips should make it easier for you to find a the best hot tub covers. Few matters in life are worth looking forward to and a relaxing soak is one of them.

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18 Responses to How to Choose Hot Tub Covers

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been thinking about buying a hot tub since this winter feels colder than usual (or maybe I am just getting older). I didn’t really think I should also buy a cover for my (not yet bought) hot tub but I guess a little investment like this will go a long way.

  2. zhangisiung says:

    A helpful article, since i live in country with tropical climate, sun ray really did help assist in heating the water and saves quite a huge sum of electrical bill. Only issue is that installing outdoor bath here can sometimes attract lots of “stray and unwanted” guests and peeping tom, which is considered as a factor/risk when you want to make outdoor bath.

  3. Cristella says:

    Your article is just very helpful and informative in choosing the best and suitable tub. It is always difficult to decide what to buy in the market since there are many options and when all the choices serve the function of the tub that a person requires. But with the ideas that you pointed out, it is easier to make a decision.

  4. ContractorGuy says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone.

  5. Verl says:

    These are very good tips you got here. I really appreciate the little details you’ve put in like how a cheap plastic cover would affect the integrity of the product. I never really thought about those kinds of things and it may have contributed to why I’ve already worn out a couple of hot tub covers on my outdoor hot tub.

    I also agree on how you should not sacrifice quality for price. In the long run, even if you get a cheap cover, it will cost you more as you will likely be replacing that cover after a very short and you won’t even get to have maximum value out of it.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Yeah Verl, it’s never really a good idea to sacrifice quality for price. It always seems to come back and bite you.

  6. Angelo says:

    Great advice! You’ve pointed out the most important things to consider when buying hot tub covers. I haven’t thought of these like you did. Warranty really matters as you are already guaranteed for replacement if in any case it isn’t working perfectly.

  7. Katharine says:

    Thank you for making a list of the key points that are necessary for consideration when purchasing a hot tub cover, this makes it much easier to plan what I need to in inquire about when looking at the options. I specifically think it’s good to include the info. about physical ability of lifting the cover since this is supposed to help you feel better, not worse!

    I feel ready and informed, which is most helpful for big purchases.

  8. Greta Corazza says:

    Thanks for all the advice! I didn’t considerate the climate situation for the location of my hot tube. So maybe I should think better before picking a place in my garden. This article was really useful. Cheers

  9. Val says:

    This is both very useful and informative for me since picking a great tub have been kinda challenging for me. Keep up the good work!

  10. Sherry Woityra says:

    SO much good information! I would have to have 2 hot tub covers for where I live due to the extreme climate change with the seasons, but now I know that that would be the only way to protect the hot tub!

  11. Fred Franco says:

    I really do see how all this advice can have a big difference in how you decide on a hot tub cover and making that little extra effort to look for quality instead of pricing. Als being able to see how they show you the difference in between both a little better quality instead of those awful packaging and parts in the cheap covers, and it’s really helpful to know also that when u get offered a warranty we may overlook how important it is because it may cost a little more but in the end it makes all the difference in between being able to conserve a good hot tub or having worn down in less than maybe a year. So I will be looking forward into buying quality goods instead of looking directly on a price of a cover.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Smart move Fred. Some people always focus too much on the price of things instead of the quality they will get out of goods in the long run. Aiming for quality will result in getting more life out of the product and thereby reducing costs naturally.

  12. palak says:

    Thanks for providing so much useful information. These days people demand awareness and this article helps in doing so. It altogether helps in purchasing and maintain the bath tub covers,if one needs so.

  13. Faith says:

    Really great advice. I hadn’t thought about the sun warming the hot tub water! So true!

  14. Brian Villwock says:

    They are serious when you say you get what you pay for. You need to invest the extra money in a quality hot tub cover if you want it to last. I did not follow this advice in the past when I bought a discount hot tub cover and paid the price in the end. My hot tub sits outside, and after just one year of enduring the elements of a Michigan winter, the hot tub cover had already began to show significant signs of wear and tear. Do your research and read reviews and pay that little extra for a quality hot tub cover. You’ll be happy you did.

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