How to Design Your Custom Wrought Iron Fence

When working with a fence company Dallas residents generally have few options in terms of design. If you want a unique wrought iron fence, you should select a fence company that offers customization. These companies typically offer the standard wrought iron fences that you can find through other contractors but, also offer the option to customize your fence to complement your home. A wrought iron fence lends a touch of classic elegance to any property. The ability to custom design your wrought iron fence will result in a fence that is unique and perfectly coordinated to your style. Companies that offer the custom designed wrought iron Dallas homeowners are searching for will provide several options for manipulating your fence design.


The color of your custom wrought iron fence will be largely dependent on the style of your home and property. Two broad color categories are the most popular: black and white. In choosing black you will then have to decide whether you prefer high gloss sheen or a matte black. It is important consider the maintenance and upkeep associated with your color choice. Working with a professional fence company Dallas homeowners will not have to be concerned about the quality of the original paint and finish job but, with any fence there will be upkeep. Consult with your fencing professional to understand the effects on maintenance of the color you choose.

Picket Style

Once you have decided on a color you will want to choose your picket style. A modern look will be achieved through the use of square finials. To discourage unwanted visitors pyramid pickets are pointed at the top. Elongate pickets further convey this sense of security. Elongated pyramids are referred to as steep pyramids. Bullet pickets are also a great choice if you want security without a foreboding look. Bullets are pointed at the top, but their edges are soft and rounded. Of course, the more traditional look seen in wrought iron design throughout history is the trident picket. If this is a look you like, you may also be interested in the ball tip or flora designs. Spades are more grand styles than the square or pyramid pickets but, not as dated as the trident. Their shape is that of a spade with edges that appear sharp.

Post Finials

Most often wrought iron fence posts will be constructed with the pyramid or bullet design. They are exactly like the picket designs in an expanded version. A newer trend in wrought iron fencing is to design a ball atop the posts. A well know icon conveying welcome, the pineapple is often used to decorate iron posts. There is no reason to match your post design to your finial design. All of these designs go well when paired together.

There is no better option than a custom designed wrought iron fence. It provides a way to display your unique style throughout your property. No other homeowner is exactly like you; therefore no other home should be exactly like yours. Be sure to contract with a fence company Dallas homeowners have reviewed positively in creating your custom wrought iron fence.

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