How To Find A Good Paint Contractor

Hiring a painter is not as easy as it sounds. The following are some tips on how to find a good paint contractor so that your project can move along stress-free and as planned.

Get Referrals from Family & Friends

Ask family and friends who to recommend a good painter that they have used in the past. Be careful that they’re really recommending you someone who’s qualified and knows their stuff – and not just referring their close friend or relative just because it’s their close friend or relative.

Be sure to check out and question these referrals just like you would any other potential contractor. Make sure that they’re qualified to do the job. Not doing so can not only cause you aggravation and a waste of time and money – but it could ruin your relationship with the friend or family member who referred you to them. Yes, unfortunately these things do happen.

The Real Estate Agent

Asking for a recommendation of a real estate agent is the first in my list. They will more likely give you some paint contractors to consider. If for some reason they can’t recommend anyone, then try asking another real estate agent. Chances are eventually you will start getting some great leads.

The Paint Shop

Next, the paint shop. Go and ask the paint shop near you. They will definitely know someone they can refer to you since it is the closest related in this work. They might even give you not only one paint contractor but a number of paint contractors which is good so that you have a lot of choices. You will be able to find a store easily usually.

Things To Check

It’s important that your paint contractor is licensed. They should have the proper certifications. The good news is that most of them do have these licenses. A minority may not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not good painters. So you need to take note of this and weigh all these things out in your decision.

But overall, choosing a licensed paint contractor is the best way to go to ensure and insure professionalism and lower your risks. In the end, you need to make sure that you are choosing a painter who is professional and able to deliver the results that you want.

Once you have contacted them, make sure that they provide you some names of clients for whom they have done work for. If they have good working records, then they will happily give you some references to check out. When they do, be sure to contact those people and ask about the contractors. This will help you to choose a good paint contractor.

You can also ask them to show some examples of their previous work. These portfolios will help you to decide whether to select them or not. This is the best way to see what they are really capable of. Following these tips can help you find a good paint contractor so that you can get your project completed to your satisfaction.

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34 Responses to How To Find A Good Paint Contractor

  1. nautavac says:

    Sound advice when inquiring about painters. One should also consider checking with the Better Business Bureau, as well as do a general internet search of the painter’s name and/or company title, the results of which often produce results accompanied with customer reviews which include a customer’s comments. While not always relevant or useful, many of these can give one a clear indication of what caliber of person they are hiring. Referrals from family and friends are nice, but can lead to someone with vested interests; the same as with the paint shop idea who may recommend someone solely upon their own interactions with the prospective painter and not upon their work. The paint shop could also simply recommend someone just because that individual buys a lot of paint there and business is reciprocated between the two. While there is not a conspiracy in everything, quite often (and even more so in small towns) a supplier such as a paint shop will favor and endorse a provider such as a painter merely in order to fulfill a prior agreement to provide paint at a reduced cost to someone who is “sent their way” by the paint shop; meanwhile the cost of the job doesn’t get reduced, only the amount that the painter can get the paint for and any excess is shared between the two. A good rule of thumb is to judge for one’s self, talk the painter. If the painter seems odd do not hire them, if the painter refuses to provide contactable references do not hire them, if the painter is not insured do not hire them, if the painter has no photos of previous work that you can contact the homeowners do not hire them and if the painter demands to only use a specific type of paint or brand do not hire them and lastly, if the painter (during your interview) tends to speak only to the male or disregard the suggestions of one in the group or yourself DO NOT HIRE THEM.

  2. Zack M. says:

    This is a really helpful article, and I think it’s great that you mention asking for examples of previous work when hiring a paint contractor. Referrals can be a great place to start but seeing results with your own eyes is always an excellent next step. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Emily R. says:

    This was an interesting and well written article. Thank you so much. I think everyone appreciates the wisdom and advice. My first instinct would be to ask friends or family for referrals. I never even thought of contacting a real estate agent or a paint store. That’s very clever! It would also likely be a very reliable source. And that’s vital when choosing a painter, of course.

  4. Anthony D. says:

    Getting references is an absolute–so checking Angie’s List is another good source of information about painting contractors, as well as other types of services (like plumbers). In addition to Angie’s, the Better Business Bureau is still relevant and a lot of businesses still seek out positive BBB ratings.

  5. Linda Burroughs says:

    Of all the suggestions in the article, I found that asking a realtor for the names of reputable painters to be the most helpful, especially if price and accountability are important factors in your decision. Realtors have to be sure of using contractors that are going to deliver a good job at a reasonable cost or its going to reflect on their profits and credibility. A lot of these guys (realtors) are property managers as well, so using people that are efficient and cost effective keeps their clients happy. Myself, I have my doubts about references because people can get their friends to speak for them; whose to say that what you are hearing is the truth? However, seeing is believing, so if you can see some examples of the persons work as well as obtain a verbal reference, I think you are safe to proceed. And if something goes wrong, it doesn’t feel so bad to blame your realtor or a realtors in general; its not likely that your going to lose sleep worrying if you’re still on speaking terms, unlike friends and family.

  6. Andri Nuggraha says:

    Great article, thank you for sharing! From my experiences, best way to find paint contractor is via referrals…don’t forget to find information as much as possible for each contractor, comparison is the key.Compare quality, experience ans the most important thing, compare the price.

  7. Hayley Ackerman says:

    These are all great ideas, however they are in the wrong order. I personally would have placed the section about friends and family last, since they are the least likely to give you the name of a reliable person. I also would have put “Things to Check” at the very top of the article, since that really is the most important part of the whole article. If a painter is not licensed, then you have just wasted your time asking around.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      “I personally would have placed the section about friends and family last, since they are the least likely to give you the name of a reliable person.” Lol I see you don’t have too much faith in referrals from family & friends. Thanks for your feedback, definitely something to think about, sounds like you could make a great editor!

  8. Megan F. says:

    A very helpful article. With something as major as a paint contractor, you want to make sure they get the job done right, and it’s not just the close friend of someone, but someone with experience painting houses.

  9. Brandon Emmerson says:

    This was a great, and helpful article. It is very important to find a trustworthy painter for your project. Thanks!

  10. Crystal B says:

    Great tips and ideas for finding a painter. Anyone hiring a painter should not only check that they are certified, but also mae sure they have the proper insurance, and see what type of work guarantees they provide. Of course references go a long way as you had mentioned! Thans for sharing these tips!

  11. Kim says:

    Mentioning that ruining the relationship with friends or family that referred you was a good call here. Most people don’t think of that. Another big thing to avoid is using friends or family members for certain jobs as nothing ruins a relationship quicker than them not doing the job you wanted/expected. I learned that the hard way having a friend do a job for me. The rest of his work was solid and he checked out as reliable in the work I needed. Not only did he take 3 months longer to complete the task, but came nowhere close to what I asked for. I was left disappointed, and wound up losing money redoing the task myself. It’s better to possibly hurt their feelings hiring someone else than to wind up ruining a relationship completely over a job done wrong.

  12. Dancingintherain says:

    This is a very thoroughly written artical. However I think you missed some key information such as discussing how long they’ve done the job and what sort of work they have done.

  13. Brian Cooper says:

    This is a very useful article! Finding a good, certified painter can sometimes be hard to do and this tips are sure to help.

  14. Shahida says:

    Interesting tips, in order to hire a paint contractor. But what I have learned from my experience, never go to real estate agents and paint shops, as most of them have fixed some commission with paint contractors. The licensed contractor has no guarantee for quality work. Yes, portfolio and referred clients are the best ways to choose paint contractor whether he is licensed or not.

    • ContractorGuy says:

      Shahida, you have touched on some good points. But do keep in mind that just because professionals refer each other, this does not necessarily mean it will have any impact on your final cost. There could simply be no monetary pay for the referral at all and it might just be on a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of referral system. And also, even if the real estate agent or other professional is getting a monetary kickback, it may simply be coming out the painters profits and not tacked on to your cost. Referrals are a natural part of business and depending on how the system is operated it may not impact your cost one bit. Worst come to worst, just ask the painter straight up if the referral will affect your cost. And as always shop around and compare.

  15. Evelyn Tiondi says:

    Painting will either give your property a smart and attractive appearance, if well done, or may cause the aesthetic appeal to definitely dip, when done poorly. That said, these are extremely useful pointers, if you plan on getting the desired effect. Seeking advice from your local paint shop is a fairly basic step, yet will definitely connect you to resourceful painters. With the tips shared in this post, painting need not be such a daunting task.

  16. Ricky Nelwan says:

    One thing that I thought would be useful, if possible, ask the paint contractor if they could make a mock up of the finished panting job with colors you previously choose. By having that, you could get a visual of your projects when done such as whether the colors really matched with your intended wish.

  17. Alexa deMonterice says:

    This is very helpful advice. It makes sense, but I never thought of asking a real estate agent till I read this. I know you should check for licenses with construction, but I hadn’t thought about that with painting.

  18. Sean Sloan says:

    It stands to reason, real estate agents know what sells and who the painters are who can help you do it. I did not know that painters were licensed but I am not surprised.

  19. Nicholas Jack says:

    Also please do a comparable market rate analysis to determine the market rate of a paint job by getting several quotations from a few sources before you agree to hire someone. You don’t wanna end up looking bad when you had to cancel or tell off your painter AFTER you have agreed on a quotation for a job.

  20. Urvashi Sharma says:

    This is really useful for those who’re going to hire a painter for the first time and for those who’ve hired painters many times but haven’t received satisfactory performance yet! I think asking for their previous records is crucial in determining the experience which otherwise can go unnoticed.

  21. Alba Totolhua says:

    Great recommendations to find and hire a painter! It is always important to have in mind these important details to get excellent results in whatever project your working on.
    Personally I will have all of them in mind for the re-opening of my small cafeteria business.

  22. Lauren P. says:

    As a homeowner who has had her fair share of painting done by professionals, and those who are not so professional, I can absolutely attest to the fact that it is important to do your homework before hiring someone to work in your home, even if a family member refers him/her. Being able to ask other clients about a painter’s work (and work ethic) was invaluable, and I now know to always ask for references before hiring.

  23. Ron Abrahams says:

    Good ideas for finding a painter! Beware when using a painter who is not licensed because there is no recourse if they do not do a good job.

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